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Volleyball Defensive Systems - Perimeter and Rotation Defenses | coaching Volleyball

Tarah Beyer, Auburn University

Volleyball All Tarah Beyer

Defense is the name of the game. Well, actually Volleyball is the name of the game, but you know what I mean. Coach Tarah Beyer of Auburn University draws the line (literally) in demonstrating effective defensive systems. From base to read position, Coach outlines each defensive player's coverage responsibilities in both the perimeter defense and the rotational defense. Wherever the ball is set - right antenna, left antenna, middle - these defenses put players on their mark. So, don't just set there, I mean, sit there, watch and learn! Coaching Volleyball Video Access Information

Perimeter Defense - Set to Right Antenna

Guess what this video covers! You got it - perimeter defense with the ball set to the right antenna! No, not the rabbit-ear kind. (Sorry couldn't resist.) Coach covers the responsibilities of each defensive player as they move from base to read positions to defend their turf, uh, court.

Perimeter Defense - Set to Left Antenna

Continuing with the perimeter defense, the ball is set to the left antenna and the defense gets set for proper reception. (Proper reception...antenna...get it?) The defense concept is the same as for the right antenna - get to the sidelines!

Perimeter Defense - Middle Attack

All right, no more antenna puns. This video covers perimeter defense when the opponent's setter sets their middle hitter. This attack is a bit quicker than those to the left or right antenna. Defensive players will probably have to move off read position to dig the ball. We hope you'll dig this video. (Hey, back off, I said no more ANTENNA puns.)

Perimeter Defense - Court Action

The lines have been drawn have been drawn on the perimeter defense. Let's see what it looks like on the court. Players move from base to read position as Coach walks us through the defensive response for each angle of attack.

Rotation Defense - Set to Right Antenna

How is the rotation defense different from the perimeter defense? Well, okay, sure, the name is different. Both defenses start with the same base positions. The difference is where the players go when the ball is set. Again, Coach starts with the ball set to the right antenna and takes us through the action.

Rotation Defense - Set to Left Antenna

Yes, you're right, this video covers rotation defense with the ball set to the left antenna. The line shot is open, but don't worry, this defense can handle it. See how in this video.

Rotation Defense - Middle Attack

All right, the opponent doesn't want to take sides in this one, so the ball is set to the middle. Coach goes through the defensive response for each player, and discusses when to use the rotation versus the perimeter defense.

Rotation Defense -Court Action

I really dig this set of volleyball videos. (Thought you were going to get away without any more puns, didn't you? Ha!) Time to take the rotation defense to the court for some play by play action. Time for you to watch a video.

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