Fundamentals of Baserunning

Russ McNickle all by Russ McNickle

Assistant Baseball Coach Mississippi State University
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Mississippi State's Coach McNickle covers the fundamentals of baserunning and demonstrates drills that will make your baserunners round the bases! Stance, power step and getting to first base are all covered.

Baseball Baserunning - The Proper Stance

Coach discusses how essential good baserunning techniques are in becoming a good baseball player. Beginning with discussion on the importance of the proper stance to the effectiveness of the first power step out of the box, Coach follows with a baseball drill focusing on stance.

Baseball Baserunning - Power Step Out

In this baseball skills video the proper technique for making the first "power push" or power step out of the box is demonstrated. Coach discusses the importance of core strength to the power of the push. Foot position, hip position, and the pivot on the step are demonstrated as well.

Baseball Baserunning - Bringing the Run Together

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Here Coach brings all the components of a good base run together. Reminding players not to cheat the swing just to begin the run, Coach has these athletes drill from the point of the swing through the first base run.

Baseball Baserunning - Getting to First Base

What does a player need to focus on when nearing the first base bag? First and foremost, you must touch the base to ensure you're safe. It's best to touch the front of the bag and to avoid a slide. Where to look when you get to the bag and how this focus will begin a successful run to second base.

Baseball Baserunning - Final First Base Approach

Coach discusses the final approach approach to the base while transitioning to the push off to the next base. Players learn to chop their steps to slow their speed and how to look for the baseball after touching the bag to assist in determining whether to continue the run.