This session covers drills and mechanics that you can use right now to improve your teams hitting performance.

You can't count on big innings to pull you ahead when you're using the BBCOR bat and in this video Coach Brian Shoop covers strategies to help you produce runs.

Coach Link Jarrett of Auburn University has a hot stove session on hitting the baseball that will give you ideas to help your hitters improve their at bat perfo

The outstanding baseball hitting drills demonstrated in this video will make your hitters at bats more effective, resulting in more runs on the scoreboard.

To build a complete baseball hitter, you must know the fundamentals of good baseball swing.

Coach Turtle Thomas of FIU covers drills to help your baseball players hit the baseball more often and more effectively.

This hot stove session covers some great ideas you can use right away to help your hitters develop balance and power.

Coach Bobby Pierce of Troy University covers the offensive side of baseball in this hot stove discussion at the Alabama Baseball Coaches Association convention.

Part of your job as a baseball coach is to develop hitters and dry swings are a great way to see your hitters perform and they give you an opportunity to coach

build the perfect batting swing by taking a batter through each step of the swing to help the hitter learn the "feel" of a perfect swing.

Hitting the baseball is how you get your team's offense going.

Coach Mike Lane, Head Baseball coach for the University of North Alabama, takes us through the fundamentals of hitting in this baseball video series.

In this video an undersized, lightweight ball is used during batting practice improve eye-hand coordination so your batter learns to track the baseball better.

The side toss hitting drill is a great drill for both young hitters learning to hit a moving ball and for experienced hitters to warm up with.

This series has practical techniques you can use to develop your hitters.

Grips, stances plus drills and techniques to help teach and troubleshoot hitters, plus answers to questions people often have about hitting.

Starting with the stance, work to the load backside and stride, and finishing with approach to contact and the follow through, you'll develop a keen understandi

When you have limited time and resources, you need to effectively utilize everything you have.

Coach Zulli, hitting coach at the University of Memphis covers several drills to help develop hitters plus you'll see some great information on sliding safety a

Getting the most from the time you have available is a must at any level, and in this series, baseballs "Top Dog" shares how he gets the most from his athletes

This video series covers the skills necessary to develop batters who can offensively bunt the baseball.