BBCOR Bat and Baserunning

Brian Shoop all by Brian Shoop

Head Baseball Coach University of Alabama at Birmingham
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The BBCOR bat has worked it's way down to the high school level and you may need to change the way you think about base running. This clinic covers how the BBCOR Bat has changed baseball and some things you can do to be more productive.

More Baseball Drills For BBCOR Bat Production

Coach Shoop covers sliding, stealing and base running during offensive batting practice. Using the information in this video your team will be able to maximize the shortcomings of the BBCOR bat.

Drills You Can Use To Increase Performance

Drills need to be modified because bat performance is different and here are some ideas for base running drills that will help you read the BBCOR bat.

The Changes Because Of The BBCOR Bat

To know how to change your game plan, you have to know the changes the BBCOR bat will cause. You'll se the bats evolution, impact of the BBCOR bat on run production and how fewer runs affect the game.