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Head Baseball Coach Samford University
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There's a catch to coaching catchers. (Try to say that three times fast!) Catchers need an independent, confident attitude, but they also need competent coaching. Casey Dunn, Head Baseball Coach at Samford University, goes through the fundamentals, including what to look for in a good catcher. Once you've got the right player in the catcher position, the coaching begins. This video series covers baseball skills and drills for catchers - from receiving and blocking the baseball to throwing and catcher footwork drills. You'll really "catch" on to some great coaching techniques and catcher drills with this video set. Okay, sorry, no more puns - they might not be well "received." These videos will be well received though - so take a look! More baseball catchers drills .

Coaching the Catcher: Where to Start (baseball catcher stance)

Coach Dunn gives an overview of how to coach catchers, beginning with identifying each athlete's "greatest need." Players learn that a skilled catcher "receives" the ball. Coaches learn how to guide this team player to a level of confidence that allows him to know his weaknesses and what to do improve them.

Catching Basics

A skilled Catcher "receives" the baseball. (Doesn't that mean the Catcher should be called a Receiver. No, wait, that's football.) So what's the catch? (Couldn't resist. Sorry) This video takes you through those fundamental skills the catcher needs to succeed.

Catcher Receiving Drills - Part One

This bare-handed baseball receiving drill works on the basics. Teaching players to stick every pitch, Coach Dunn works on the catcher's stance, as well as, receiving the the baseball from the middle, then left and right, and finally the outside.

Catcher Receiving Drills - Part Two

Repetition and Reaction. That's the aim of this baseball receiving drill. Working out of two stances, this drill prepares the catcher to receive the ball for a strike from a variety pitches.

Catchers: Blocking the Baseball - The Call Block Drill

It's important for a catcher to know HOW to block, but he also has to know WHEN to block the baseball. That's just one of the lessons in this video. Using the Call Block Baseball Drill, Coach Dunn works on leading with the glove and closing the distance.

Catchers: Blocking the Baseball - The Roll Block Drill

Again concentrating on leading with the catcher's mitt, this drill keeps the baseball low, hard, and fast. Working from the middle, left, then right, the goal is to REACT rather than execute the perfect block.

Catchers Throwing and catcher footwork drills - Part One

Coach uses a "T" to work on the catcher's throwing stance and footwork. Catcher footwork drills also concentrate on throws to each base. With the proper stance and a short jab step, the catcher stays behind homeplate for his initial footwork. After all, there's no place like home.

Catcher Throwing and catcher footwork drills - Part Two

To keep the momentum going in these catcher footwork drills, the catcher takes the mitt into the chest and up to the throwing position. This video discusses receiving the ball and moving into the best throwing position for the target - whether it's first or third.

Catcher Throwing and catcher footwork drills - Part Three

Two types of throws by the catcher are the topic of this final throwing and catcher footwork drills series. Starting with the jump pivot and ending with a drop of the knee, the catcher works on throws to first base. Speed and accuracy are the focus in these catcher footwork drills.