Catching: The key to winning

Dusty Rhodes all by Dusty Rhodes

Head Baseball Coach University of North Florida
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This baseball catching series covers everything from selecting your catcher to making sure the umpire calls those questionable pitches strikes!

Catchers Stances

There are 3 basic catchers stances and in this series Coach Rhodes covers the 3 stances and the finesse points of each stance.

Catchers Gloves

The only thing between the ball and the catcher is the glove. What should you look for in a catchers mitt? It's all covered in this video.

Building The Stance

A catchers stance needs to be built from the ground up and this video shows a great process for helping a baseball catcher build his stance.


This video covers blocking, framing and all the stuff your catcher needs to know that hasn't been covered yet!

What is your catcher?

When you find a catcher you're going to be a happy coach, but what are you looking for in your catcher? Mental and physical toughness is critical, but a catcher must be able to catch and throw...and a few other things.