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Head Baseball Coach University of Alabama at Birmingham
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Coach Brian Shoop covers baseball defense in this hot stove session at the Alabama Baseball Coaches Association convention. This is a GREAT session for high school and youth league coaches!

Part 1: Baseball Defense

Selling your baseball players on the importance of defense is a tougher than selling the importance of offense to them, here's some techniques you can use to build a better baseball defense.

Baseball: Pre-Practice Catch

Pre-practice catching is the most important 15 minutes of practice. Why? Most of your errors are simple errors of not catching a baseball.

Coaching Baseball: Batting Practice

Defensive batting practice is all about pressure and accountability. Outfielders verbalize and use footwork, infielders are verbalizing and throwing the baseball.

Coaching Baseball: Cut and Relay

The cut and relay drill involves your team and helps them build their performance. This drill brings competition to your baseball practice and is a very high energy drill...and it takes about 12 minutes.

Baseball Drills: Some Unique Drills

Coach Shoop covers some infield drills that he uses that he thinks are unique and can help your baseball team get quicker.

Baseball Drills: Tee Double Play Drill

You'll have a live batted ball and live runners and you can cover every situation your baseball players will see. Coach Shoop's favorites are runners at 1st and 3rd or bases loaded.

Coaching Baseball: A Side Bar

How fast do things happen? How fast should they happen? Coach Shoop covers some times you should know. Can your baserunner steal at will or will he need a bad throw to make it to second?

Baseball Drills: Controlling the running game

This drill helps develop techniques for the runners and for the defense. You'll have pitchers on the mound throwing located pitches and picks.