Baseball - Hitting Fundamentals

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Assistant Baseball Coach Mississippi State University
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This series of hitting drills helps build the perfect batting swing by taking a batter through each step of the swing and helps the hitter learn the "feel" of a perfect batting swing.

Baseball Hitting Fundamentals - An Overview

Small group coaching begins in the first of this baseball video series. These skills and drills of the fundamentals of baseball are aimed at ensuring the fundamentals and mechanics of proper hitting. Safety comes first, then good balance and vision. Coach also discusses the proper grip, balance, vision, and rhythm for effective hitting.

Baseball Hitting Fundamentals - The Load

The next step in proper hitting is load. Coach demonstrates different load techniques and how rhythm (movement) improves a hitters load technique.

Hitting Fundamentals: The Stride

This drill works on getting the hitters stride, short, soft and straight while incorporating the previous steps in this series.

Hitting Fundamentals: Back Tee Drill

Using two tees will help your hitters hands follow the correct path to the contact point of the baseball and this drill demonstrates using the two tees to improve hitting performance.

Hitting Fundamentals: Pivot Up, Back Heel Over Toe

This drill focuses on the critical points of the hitters movement to make sure that the back knee, hips and laces of the shoes are aligned properly which helps the hitters prevent over rotation of their hips.

Hitting Fundamentals: Extension and Finish

Finishing your swing balanced gets the maximum power transmitted to the ball and helps the batter get out of the box toward first base quickly. This drill helps the batter determine if he is balanced.

The Clap Drill

The clap drill lets the hitter cover all the points under the eye of the coach to get the steps of being a great hitter down.