Baseball Skills: Infield Play

Mike Lane all by Mike Lane

Head Baseball Coach University of North Alabama
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Often at the high school and even college level there is little instruction offered on Infield Play. This baseball video series begins with the fundamentals of Infield skills and progresses through catching the baseball to throwing across the Infield. This is a great series focusing on stance, catching techniques, and finger position on the baseball during the throw.

Infield Play: The Stance

This Infield video series begins with a demonstration of a good athletic stance. Coach points out the proper position of the knees, body, elbows, and glove, explaining why stance is so critical to successful Infield play.

Infield Play: Reaction Drills

These Reaction Drills will teach players good fielding techniques. Coach demonstrates fielding ground balls to both sides crossing back for deep angles to get around the baseball and make the catch. The Back Hand catch is demonstrated as well.

Infield Play: Throwing the Baseball

Throwing the baseball across the infield takes a cool head and a controlled throw. Good control begins with holding the baseball correctly. Coach demonstrates finger and thumb position on the baseball for effective infield throwing. The Short Hop Drill shown will help players perfect their throwing skills.