Baseball Skills: Infielding Fundamentals

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Assistant Baseball Coach
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Playing infield requires the ability to throw well. That's a given. But, to throw the ball, you first have to field the ball. From the Ready Position through the Throw, Coach Greg Drye, Assistant Baseball Coach at Mississippi State, discusses and demonstrates the fundamentals of Baseball Infielding. Step by step Coach covers footwork, arm-hand-glove position, throwing position, and more. From Prep Steps to the last Shuffle, this baseball infielding video series offers skills and techniques for successful Infielding.

Baseball Infielding Fundamentals: The Ready Position and Prep Steps

Playing infield requires the ability to throw well. Throwing well begins with fielding the ball. Fielding the ball begins with a good athletic stance. Coach discusses and demonstrates the proper Ready Position for the Infielder. But an Infielder, doesn't just stand and wait for the ball. The importance of Prep Steps to field the ball are also demonstrated in this Fielding Fundamentals video.

Baseball Infielding Fundamentals: The Airplane

What do airplanes and fielding a baseball have in common? The fundamental principles of speed and control. The Infielder has to get to the ball in a hurry, but slow down on the "final approach" to regain the control necessary to make the catch. Coach demonstrates the effectiveness of speed, control, and proper arm-glove position.

Baseball Infielding Fundamentals: Securing the Ball and the Crossover

You've made it to the ball. Controlled your catch. Now you got the ball in your glove and you have to position for the throw. No time to drop the ball for sure. Here the Infielder learns the skills for securing the ball and how to perform the crossover step footwork to transition to first base.

Baseball Infielding Fundamentals: The Throw

You've made the Cross Over, but there's still some distance to cover. Time to Shuffle those feet! The Shuffle isn't just about footwork though. Keeping the arms and hands in position during the shuffle, landing with the front shoulder directed to the throw, and letting your momentum carry through the throw are all part of successful Infielding.