The Catcher - The Pitcher: The Mental Side of Baseball

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Head Baseball Coach Samford University
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The Catcher has to see all things in all places at all times. He has to direct with confidence. His position demands trust. The pitcher has to be without doubt. He has to know that his call on a pitch is the right call. They spend much of the game eye to eye. What are the characteristics of both that bring strength to a team rather than conflict? Watch this video series and understand what teamwork is all about!

The Catcher: The Must Have's

Knowledge - of the game. Confidence - in his teammates and himself. Respect -from his teammates and the opposition. That's just the beginning. This video outlines the basic characteristics of a successful catcher and some of the game play expectations that might escape the passive observer.

The Catcher: The Must Do's

It's one position...that has to watch and communicate EVERYTHING! That's the challenge of catching. From watching base runners for the subtlest of moves, to watching the opposing coaches, catchers are the eyes and ears of the field.

The Pitcher: The Second Part of the Dynamic Duo

The pitcher- catcher relationship is key. Both have to have confidence, and the ability to command the situation. The Catcher is calling the game, while the Pitcher is calling the pitch. When they're in synch, a team is hard to beat.

The Pitcher: Creating the Mental Advantage

Two with Two? You got it. One of the fundamental strategies for the pitcher is to use two different throws to get the first two strikes. But, don't show them everything you've got too early. Make them sweat it out. That's part of the mental game of baseball.