Baseball Pitching Drills - The Pitching Delivery

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Assistant Baseball Coach Samford University
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Coach Fieldbinder begins this baseball pitching drills series with an overview of pitching skills and building on the strengths of individual pitchers. This delivery drills progression can be used with any pitching style to maximize the power and consistency of your pitchers. Coach begins with the basics and builds to a daily practice routine using pitching drills that are sure to help your players develop effective pitching skills.

Baseball Pitching Drills: Body Types And Styles

This baseball video is an overview of different styles of pitching based on the pitchers body type and arm angles. The discussion covers what you - as a coach - can do to help a pitcher throw effectively based on individual strengths versus working against natural body styles and actions.

Baseball Pitching Drills: The Arm Slot and the Seal & Go

These baseball pitching drills help you determine a pitcher's "arm slot" and develop accuracy by practicing repetitive pitching movements. Learning to relax the hand and throw through the mitt are the first steps to consistency in pitching. These pitching drills will help pitchers get there.

Baseball Pitching Drills: The Rock and Reach

The Rock and Reach is a drill that takes the "guess work" out of pitching. The drill helps pitchers develop a consistent line of delivery by training the arm to always follow the same path.

Baseball Pitching Drills: The Push to Stride

Strength in the pitch comes from using the power of the lower half of the body. In the Push to Stride the pitcher works to get the front hip through the catchers mitt.

Baseball Pitching Drills: The Balance Point

Having an athletic stance at the balance point helps transfer energy from your body to the baseball as it heads to the catchers mitt. This Balance Point drill will help pitchers develop a good stance and balance, while incorporating all the skills learned in this progression.

Baseball Pitching Drills: The Long Toss Program and Flat Mound Series

The drill progression used in this series should be incorporated in a long toss program. A long toss program develops the pitcher's ability to throw a pitch where it needs to be with some smash on it. The Flat Mound Series focuses on the little things each day that are specific challenges to individual pitchers or the team.