Coaching Baseball: Pitching Fundamentals

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Head Baseball Coach
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This baseball skills series starts with grips and moves to troubleshooting a pitcher. Coach covers both the change-up and curve ball pitches. This is "must have" information from the coach who has won 9 of the last 14 Alabama 6A state championships.

The 2 1/2 Finger Change-Up

Adds another change-up pitch to your pitchers arsenal of pitches. (pitching)

Curve Ball

There is a right and wrong way to throw this pitch. (pitching)

Curve Ball (part 2)

Topics covered in this segment are the grip, the location of the fingers, and how finger placement affects the flight of the ball. (pitching)

Curve Ball (part 3)

More on how to throw a curve ball and some important mental tips on throwing this pitch. (pitching)

Stretch & Wind-up

This is a packed segment, and covers the following: preparing to take the mound, foot placement, hand placement and pulling set. (pitching)

Post Position

Coaching points of getting to a proper post position, with emphasis on the head, knees and foot. (pitching)

Break Phase

Techniques for identifying leaking, or rushing the delivery, then correcting that problem. (pitching)

Finish Phase

Put it all together, the front foot lands and the ball is on the way to the catcher. This segment covers the fine points that the pitcher need to work on to put the ball where it should be, at the speed he wants. (pitching)

The Circle Change-Up

Coach Dunn demonstrates how to throw the circle grip change up pitch. (pitching)

Baseball Coach Sammy Dunn: Throwing Fast Balls

Head baseball coach at Vestavia Hills High School introduces himself and some of his players then discusses the basic grips for throwing fast balls. (pitching)

One Knee Drill

Working from the waist up, we see how to isolate each part of the pitch to hone the proper mechanics of throwing different pitches. (pitching)


Still isolating the upper body, but adding some rhythm. (pitching)


The question "how long should the stride be?" is answered in this segment and Coach Dunn shows how to determine how long the stride should be. (pitching)


This drill works on getting better handspeed which translates into a faster pitch. (pitching)


Emphasizing the breaking of the hands to help the pitcher determine if he is leaking. (pitching)