Planning Each At Bat

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This series has practical techniques you can use to develop your hitters. From vision to adjusting for different pitch counts, you'll find this series very informative.

Planning Each At Bat - Introduction and Overview

Coach Dangler leads off this baseball video series by hitting a homerun with the four areas of concentration for maximizing hitting skills.

Hitting: Mechanics and Tracking Drills

Check out these mechanics and trajectory drills! Baseballs fly with red X's, black and white sides, red lines. Sounds...interesting...and it WORKS!

Vision and Tracking - Part One

Here we go, green, orange, yellow. What's the deal with all the colors?! Coach Dangler knows they are the colors of a successful hitter. These drills are great for teaching hitters to track the ball.

Vision and Tracking - Part Two

Okay, no more colors. Rhythm time! This "Ball-Hit" drill is very effective for improving tracking skills by focusing the hitter on the rhythm of the pitch. Hey, if a hitter gets the rhythm right, he can dance all the way to homeplate.

Why Your Coaching Approach Makes a Difference

What is your approach to coaching a hitter for success in a ballgame? "Plan to win," says Coach Dangler. In this video, Coach gives some advice on learning from the pros so that you can coach in the winningest way possible.

Adjusting to the Pitch - Positive and Negative Counts

How do you teach players to make adjustments once the ball is in the air? You teach them to expect the pitch, of course. These adjustment drills do just that using 3 sets of counts - positive, negative, and neutral. This video focuses on the positive and the negative. Does that make it neutral? Watch to find out!

Adjusting to the Pitch - Neutral Counts

The count is neutral.... but neutral is a special count? That's right, and this video will explain how to coach hitters to understand the exception to the rule. It's about more than being at bat. It's about what you can learn for your next time or, for your teammate's turn in the box.

Adjusting to the Pitch - Pay Attention!

Attention. It's the name of the game. Well, actually baseball is the name of the game, but attention is what will help hitters make successful adjustments when the game is played. Coach offers some tips on information gathering both in the batter's box and in the dug out.

The "At Bat" - Start to Finish

In this series conclusion, Coach Dangler takes us through an "At Bat" starting before that first step into the batter's box. Learn the three B's of batting....Not Right Here! Watch the video for goodness sakes!