Timeless Truths for a Productive Offensive Player

Todd Guilliams all by Todd Guilliams

Assistant Baseball Coach Valdosta State University
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Sometimes as a coach, knowing what to look for is more difficult than knowing how to help your baseball player correct a problem. Coach Guilliams offers his list of "Nuggets" that he's developed over the years that will help a coach at any level sharpen his eye to see areas your baseball player can improve.

Baseball Truths: Section 1

What are "Baseball Nuggets"? Well, Coach Guilliams explains what a nugget should be to a baseball coach and starts his list.

Baseball Truths: Section 2

Starting with the hitters feet then moving through "Nuggets" till he gets to #39...how hard to hit the baseball with up to 2 strikes on the batter.

Baseball Truths: Section 3

Back to the feet with "Nugget" 40, moving to your hitters ego then through the rest of the nugget list.