Baseball Skills: Catching

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Assistant Baseball Coach University of Alabama
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Coach Dax Norris from the University of Alabama goes over the essentials of successful catching. It doesn't need to get complicated and Coach keeps it simple. The catcher has the opportunity to control the game. Learn the baseball skills needed to make it happen in this video series.

Baseball Skills: Catching - Developing a Catcher

It's very important to develop a catcher early. How do you do that? That's one of the topics discussed in the first segment of this baseball video series.

Baseball Skills: Catching - The Make-up of the Catcher

One of the first things to look for in a good catcher is to look at what's he's made of. Champion baseball teams have great guys behind the plate. Coach gives key points to look for in the make-up of a catcher in this video segment.

Baseball Catching Skills: Receiving

What are the 3 top skills a coach needs to have in a catcher? Coach gives an introduction to the 3 skills that are essential to a successful catcher. He begins with discussion on receiving the baseball.

Baseball Catching Skills: The Set Up

Coach Norris discusses the skills needed to receive the baseball. How do catcher's need to set up? Coach also discusses the drills and practice techniques that help develop good receiving skills.

Baseball Catching Skills: Blocking the Baseball

Blocking is the focus in this baseball skills video. Technique and talent will get you part of the way, but that mental attitude gets the job done.

Baseball Catching Skills: Blocking the Ball Drills

Coach goes over some basic baseball catching drills. Push and Collapse is one of the strategies described here.

Baseball Catching Skills: Throwing

For a successful baseball program it's what we know - repetition, repetition, repetition. Coach discusses the importance of the exchange when throwing from the catcher's perspective, including detail's of footwork for catchers.

Baseball Catching Skills: Throwing - Glove Position

Throwing techniques specific to the glove position is what Coach explains here. He demonstrates the way to do it right!

Baseball Catching Skills: Throwing - Catch the Baseball First!

The biggest key to the exchange is CATCHING the baseball! That's why they are called catchers. But, catchers can control the game when they fully develop their skills. That's what this video discusses.