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Keith Madison, former Head Baseball Coach at the university of Kentucky and now with Score International, presents this baseball clinic series. The importance of Team Building is the topic. Coach takes up through the steps offering effective strategies inter-woven with his experience as a college athlete and then baseball coach.

Coaching Baseball: Team Building -Introduction

Why is Team Building so important to a baseball team? Coach begins this video baseball clinic by explaining just that. Sharing his background as a player and coach, as well as insights into successful team building begins with players who have an energy and passion for the game. Coach builds on this as he shares personal stories of his career as a player and a coach.

Coaching Baseball: Team Building - Planning and Communication

In this video segment Coach discusses the first two essential elements for successful team building. Various types of planning are discussed as well as the benefits of using clear plans to help players understand expectations of the coach. But, planning is only effective when properly communicated to the players. Tips on effective communication wrap up this segment.

Coaching Baseball: Communicating with Parents

Think communicating effectively with athletes is hard? It's nothing compared to the challenges of communicating with parents. Coach has a great approach to communicating with parent. The approach keeps the focus on the player and provides another opportunity for young athletes to grow and improve in all aspects of life.

Coaching Baseball: Team Building - Discipline

The more organized a coach is the better the discipline on the team. "Consistency breeds respect," is Coach's philosophy. Coach shares personal stories that demonstrate the importance of setting clear rules and being consistence with the consequences. Tips on rule-making, including development of policies.

Coaching Baseball: Team Building - Second Chances

Believe or not, though the rules are real and the consequences should be consistent, there are times when a coach can, and should, give a player a second chance. Coach discusses when to draw the line and when to consider second chances.

Coaching Baseball: Team Building - Leadership

In this segment the topic is how to choose effective team leaders. It;s not always the player a coach thinks. It may not be the loudest guy or the one with the best skills or the best grades. Coach also discusses the "ultimate" leader.

Coaching Baseball: Team Building - Philosophy and Goal Setting

In this final baseball video segment you'll find information of the importance of developing a philosophy and sticking with it. Coach wraps up with a discussion of goal setting - daily, seasonally, yearly, and personally. Coach ends with an incredibly touching story about the importance of building relationships - between coach and players and between players.