Baseball Skills: Throwing Fundamentals

Q.V. Lowe all by Q.V. Lowe

Head Baseball Coach Auburn University at Montgomery
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Throwing fundamentals...including some things you need to be aware of to help prevent arm injuries are covered in this information packed series.

Throwing Basics

Coach Lowe covers the basics of throwing the baseball from grips, to arm swing, and release points. (throwing and pitching)

Throwing Problems

Coach Lowe shows us some things young pitchers and throwers do that can cause injury to their shoulders and elbows PLUS some ideas that help fix poor techniques. (throwing and pitching)

Weight Distribution

Weight distribution and stride length are covered in this segment. (throwing and pitching)

Release Point

Where the baseball ends up after being thrown depends primarily on where the ball is released. (throwing and pitching)

Creating Balance

Having pitchers throw from the set position instead of the wind up is a good technique to help create balance in a pitcher. (throwing and pitching)


Visual aids are often overlooked, unless a coach has the experience to know how useful a good visual aid is to everyone involved. Coach Lowe covers the powerline to help a pitcher learn to put the ball where it needs to be. (throwing and pitching)