Baseball: Umpiring Management

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In the game of Baseball, umpires often get over-looked.... until there's a controversial call. Yet, good umpires are essential to a successful league. Coaches, parents, and athletes need to understand the do's and don'ts when it comes to umpiring. Joe Willis is the Umpire in Charge (UIC) for 31 North USSSA State. In this baseball video series, Willis discusses Umpire Management, including organization, training, and game-time responsibilities. In a profession doing your best means that you still only make 50% of the people happy. That's why proper management is essential. In this series, Willis tells us how it's done.

Baseball Umpiring: What Makes a Good Umpire?

What does it take to be a good umpire? Not surprisingly, it takes many of the same traits that it takes to be a good athlete. In this video segment, Umpire Joe Willis discusses the mental and physical aspects of umpiring.

Baseball Umpiring: Management Organization

One of the essentials of Umpire Management is proper organization with specific leadership. In this baseball video, the essentials of umpire management are covered, including training, game logistics, and scheduling.

Baseball Umpiring: Pre-game Management

The Plate Umpire gets down to business before the game ever begins. Willis discusses the importance and content of the pre-game discussion between umpires and with coaches.

Baseball Umpiring: Righting a Wrong Call

"No Umpire is going to automatically change a call." That's why it's important for coaches to understand their responsibility for appealing the call AND the right way to make the appeal. Willis explains the dynamics of changing wrong calls in this segment.

Baseball Umpiring: Adapting Techniques for Various Age Groups

How is umpiring different from one age group to the next? Do the rules vary across leagues? You'' find the answers in this segment as we wrap up this series on baseball umpiring.