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There is a lot of video out there on the internet today, but MyCoachOnline stands apart because we are not pushing an agenda, we're working hard to only find the best coaching techniques, we are not advertising supported and we give you the features you need to make our video work for you.


Video is our heart and soul. You'll find top coaches demonstrating drills or covering clinic topics and it's divided up by sport and category to make it easy to digest.

Coaches Notebooks

Without a way to organize your favorite videos, MyCoachOnline would soon get way out of hand. Your coaches notebooks let you group videos together and share them with other coaches and your team members. You can create as many notebooks as you need.

People Groups

Sometimes you have to share your knowledge and people groups allow you to share your Coaches Notebooks with your fellow coaches, parents and athletes.

The Buddy Pass

You probably don't coach alone, so we encourage you to share your MyCoachOnline membership with up to 3 of your fellow coaches using our buddy pass feature.


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