The Dip and Lean Pass Rush for Defensive Linemen

Bert Newton all by Bert Newton

Defensive LIne Coach Mountain Brook High School
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Watch these drills to see how the dip and lean pass rush gets your defensive linemen past the offensive lineman using speed and technique! These pass rush drills teach and reinforce the skills necessary for your defensive linemen to sack the quarterback, along with counter moves in case the offensive lineman gets an advantage. As a coach, you should key in on coaching points then study these defensive line drills to teach yourself to pick up on the small things you need to see to correct your football players.

Dip and Lean in A Tight Circle

This pass rush drill is explained and demonstrated to the defensive linemen (and you), then the defensive linemen pair up and start this pass rush drill...dipping and leaning to get past the offensive lineman. As always, hips are important and the technique needs to be perfected before the drill moves to the next part of the progression.

Perfecting The Pass Rush

You've worked against the mighty dummies, so now it's time to work the pass rush moves against a real person so your defensive lineman can work their pass rush techniques until they are perfected and ready to take to the field.

The limp arm, club and arm over counter

The dip and lean pass rush teaches the defensive lineman to beat the offensive lineman with speed and technique, however you always need a counter in case plan A gets foiled. Coach Newton demonstrates and drills the limp arm with a club and arm over counter. This pass rush technique is demonstrated then the defensive linemen are pitted against some mean dummies to work the limp arm and club counter full speed as they continue their pass rush.