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defensive backfield Instructional video

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football Linebacker: Philosophy and Drills Linebacker: Philosophy and Drills play video

Developing linebackers takes planning and execution and in this video series you'll get ideas that will help you plan your practice drills then execute them so you get the most benefit from your football practice.

football defensive backfield

football Linebacker Drills Linebacker Drills play video

Coach Borough covers drills to bring out the aggressiveness and hone the skills of your linebacker staff in this series.

4-3 Defense, playing the pass, Rip and Drag, Sled Drills, 4 3 defense, Football Linebacker Drills, lane 1 action, linebacker stance, pass drop, warm up

football defensive backfield

football Defensive Back Drills and Techniques Defensive Back Drills and Techniques play video

Coach Derrick Ansley of Huntingdon College demonstrates defensive back drills starting with the fundamentals of stance, back peddling, sticking, and turning. These drills progressively incorporate these fundamentals while adding additional skills that are "must haves" for Defensive Backs. Breaking Drills - Turning Drills - Acceleration Drills - they're all here to help your DBs learn how to make the cut.. and the stick...and the turn...and the...okay, enough, you get the idea. Now get to the videos!

football defensive backfield

football Free Safety Drills - Backpeddle and Break Free Safety Drills - Backpeddle and Break play video

Watch this video to see drills you can incorporate into your practice routine to hone your defensive backs skills at the "backpedal and break".

Weather the defensive back breaks left, right, forward or has to turn 180 degrees to pursue the ball or a receiver, the key is practicing the maneuver until it's performed flawlessly each and every time by your free safety and other defensive backs.

This drill series progresses by starting with the basics of a great backpedal, then it moves to techniques your free safety needs to know in order to quickly change his direction. After the basics are covered the drill moves to get the defensive backs picking up on visual cues to know when and in what direction they need to break to make the play.

football defensive backfield

football Football Practice Drills Football Practice Drills play video

What's the key to making the most of football drills during practice time? Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Coach Randy Cook Head Coach at Minor High School, and formerly with the Hoover High School football staff, works his team through a daily football practice. Here you'll find a number of football drills that are perfect for fine tuning fundamental skills. Angle Tackling, Footfire, and Back and Slide are just a few of the drills Coach Cook runs his players through in this video series. Coach Cook then reviews the practice footage and gives frame by frame review of the good, the bad, and the just plain frustrating. Both coaches and players can see for themselves what works and what doesn't when going up against an opponent.

football defensive backfield

football Football Defensive Skills: Linebacker Stance Football Defensive Skills: Linebacker Stance play video

"Just like with everything else in football, we start with our feet," says Steven Hicks, Linebacker, Defensive Coordinator of Huntingdon College. In this football skills video, we start with the feet and end with the basic linebacker stance. Coach walks and talks us through the basic stance including foot position, the "bend," and weight distribution. Add a couple of football practice drills to work on going from stance to advance and your defense is on its way to the win!

football defensive backfield

football Defensive Skills: Turn Drills for The Safety Defensive Skills: Turn Drills for The Safety play video

Football Coach John Pledger works on players defensive skills in this video segment. These drills are designed for the Safety, but can be modified for use with Cornerbacks. The coaching starts with a footwork drill then incorporates Man Turn and Zone Turn Drills. The guys put it all together with work playing man to man against the Receiver.

football defensive backfield

football Defensive Backfield Defensive Backfield play video

Many big plays happen...or are prevented because of mistakes or great jobs in the defensive secondary, here's drills to help build a secondary that makes your crowd stand and applaud.

backpedal, bad turn, equalizer drill, four corners, lane action, w drill

football defensive backfield

football Fundamentals and Techniques Fundamentals and Techniques play video

Stances and starts plus techniques and drills to build linebackers that cause the quarterback to sweat .

drive, fit, linebacker stance, separate and tackle, shed drill, strike and drive

football defensive backfield

football Football Skills: A Crash Course for Linemen Football Skills: A Crash Course for Linemen play video

Coach Wright covers the fundamental skills a linebacker needs to know and offers some agility drills to help develop aggressive and agile linebackers.

backwards run, crossover, footwork, karoki, linebacker stance, tackling

football defensive backfield


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