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Mike Borough,

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Coach Borough covers drills to bring out the aggressiveness and hone the skills of your linebacker staff in this series. Coaching Football Video Access Information


A short introduction and overview of how Coach Burrow organizes the drills he uses to have each task build on the last one and prepare for the next one (linebacker drills).

Warm Up

Warming up is important, and it should be done with the task at hand in mind. These warm up drills help linebackers become more agile while they warm up (linebacker drills).

45 Degree Pass Drop

The linebackers primary responsibility is the run, these drills help him read and react properly (linebacker drills).


We are building the backer, and were looking at the stance he needs to attack the offense. This drill will help prevent the tendency some linebackers have to step backwards before they move forward (linebacker drills).

Rip and Drag

Keeping the running lanes blocked is an important job, this drill helps the linebackers learn to keep the holes plugged up (linebacker drills).

Sled Drills

The one man sled is a great tool, this drill helps the linebacker learn to lock um up then find the ball (linebacker drills).

Playing the Pass

This drill simulates the QB making a lane 1 action and lets the linebacker get his hands on the football (linebacker drills).

Playing the Pass (part 2)

Coach Burrow adds a receiver to the mix and the linebacker gets to hone his trade against a real opponent (linebacker drills).

Alignment of the 4-3 Defense

Coach Burrow covers alignment the he looks for from his defense and covers the main jobs of each linebacker (linebacker drills).

Hard, Fast and Tight

Here is a drill that teaches the linebacker to read the ball then get to his lane responsibility (linebacker drills).


It is the conclusion...but there are a lot of good things a coach should know here so do not skip this part (linebacker drills)!

Author: Wayne Cook

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