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Offensive Line "How To" | coaching Football

Jim King,

Football offensive line All Jim King

Coach King covers the "how to" stuff anyone playing or coaching offensive line needs to know. Coaching Football Video Access Information

Start and Stance

If your line isn’t starting from the right place…things aren’t good for your backs. The stance and the pre-stance and the power angle needed to make it work are demonstrated here.

Drive Block Stance

Here you’ll see the details of getting in a sound stance for your offensive linemen.

First Step

The second progression of a sound block is the short, 6 inch first step plus what needs to happen with the hands and thumbs.

Explosion and Finish

Finish, kind of a nice thing for an offensive lineman…provided you back is across the goal line! Contact, drive and moving the feet are emphasized.

Reach Block

The defense is not always going to let you get the angle you want on him, so you’ve got to know the reach block!

Reach Block First Step

Here you’ll see the footwork and aiming points for a reach block that will help your line keep the defense away from the ball carrier.

Hand Placement

Hands are an important part of an offensive lineman’s weaponry, but they must be used properly or you team ends up going the wrong way!

Full Speed Demo

Now you’ll see the reach block all together and full speed.

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