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Dickey Wright, Homewood High School

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An organized football practice is essential to success on the playing field. It takes planning to ensure that your team gets the most out of each football practice. Coach Dickey Wright, Defensive Coordinator for Homewood High School, goes over the details of football practice planning in this video series. Coaching Football Video Access Information

Football Practice Organization - The Basics

Football practice takes planning. Coach Wright begins with the basics, explaining how each practice is organized to ensure the coaches and players stay focused in order to make the most of practice time.

Football Practice Organization - Schedule Time for the Fundamentals

Schedule your football practice so that players get the time to work on the fundamentals essential to building a successful defensive line.

Football Practice Organization - Defensive Line Drill Time

How can you maximize your coaching resources to cover those defensive line drills without skipping the fundamentals? The coaching staff has to be on the ball! Keep your practice moving and see results on game day.

Football Practice Organization - Bringing the Offense and Defense Together

Offense and defensive have gone their separate ways. Now it's time to meet on the field for some one on one practice. From PUP drills to goal line skills, scheduling some real action into your practice gives your team an edge at game time.

Football Practice Organization - Keep the Action Going

Fundamentals, collision drills, options and screens - there's time to cover it all if you organize your football practice. Give your athletes the benefit of a structured practice so that every player gets his time on the field.

Football Practice Organization - Running Scripted Plays

Putting the team through scripted plays provides an opportunity for repetition and correction. Practice those plays you expect your opponents to run so your players are physically and mentally ready to meet the challenge of real play.

Football Practice Organization - Wrapping Things Up

Plan your football practice to help your players improve, not to wear them out! Here are some tips for setting practice timeframes so your coaching staff and players get the most out of each workout.

Author: Wayne Cook

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