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Pass Blocking: Vertical Kick Set | coaching football

Lee Gibson, Tuscaloosa County High School

offensive line All Lee Gibson

This drill series works on the vertical kick set, and your offensive linemen learn to get depth off of the football and learn to insure that everything the defensive lineman dose happens in FONT of your offensive lineman. Coaching football Video Access Information

Part 3: Change of Direction

The defender should NEVER rush only straight ahead, so you've got to teach your offensive linemen to react to any move the defensive lineman tries.

Part 4: Realism

After the parts of this drill are in place, you've got to add the realism. This part has the defender moving with a purpose and the offensive lineman must learn to counter him.


Coach Gibson gives an overview of what is covered in the offensive line drill set.

Part 1: The Footwork

Everything starts with the proper footwork, and the first part of this drill insures everyone knows step 1 of this drill progression.

Part 2: Timing The Punch

After everyone knows the footwork and process, the drill moves to keeping the defensive lineman in front and timing the punch to protect the passer.

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