High School Football Practice Drills

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What's the key to making the most of football drills during practice time? Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Here you'll find a number of high school football practice drills that are perfect for fine tuning fundamental skills. Angle Tackling, Footfire, and Back and Slide are just a few of the drills Coach Cook runs his players through in this video series. Coach Cook then reviews the practice footage and gives frame by frame review of the good, the bad, and the just plain frustrating. Both coaches and players can see for themselves what works and what doesn't when going up against an opponent.

Mug Drill - Neutralizing an Opponent's Speed

This football drill is best suited for teaching players how to use skill to beat speed on the field. Players learn how "to take the arms out" of the opponent's running motion so that the runner is contained. These are basic high school football practice drills with tremendous potential for controlling game play.

The Angle Tackle Drill - Part One

This is a body on body football drill for your defensive players. It starts with feet on the run and hips squared with the yard lines. This drill can be used to teach players how to control movement and direct power in order to defend their turf.

Angle Tackle Drill - Part Two

Didn't think we were done with Angle Tackling did you? Not by a long shot! But winning is no long shot with a well-coached team. Coach Cook continues the Angle Tackle Drill with the do's and don'ts of body position. It's not just about winning - it's about safety and avoiding injury.

Back Up Back Drill

Hey! Watch where you're going! That's a real challenge when you're running backwards! This is a quick, basic football drill for coaching on change of direction. Remember, coaching is about repetition!

The Quick Turn Drill

What do you do if you get beat on the post-corner route? Make a quick turn and "get that head around." Put your players through this football drill to keep them running in the right direction.

The Jam Drill

Your defensive line has to know how to cut off any kind of cutback. Here's the football drill to teach players just that! Keep weight off the heels and the arm at a right angle and practice, practice, practice!

The Back and Slide Drill

This defensive back football drill is critical for coaching players on foot movement. Players heels should only click together if they are wearing ruby slippers, not cleats! Coach your defensive backs on how to peddle and slide across the field for game day success.

The Footfire Drill - Swim or Rip

What is Foot Fire? It's hustling! Rapid movement of the feet and no false steps - that's what this football drill is about. The Foot Fire Drill allows players to work on starts and stance - essentials in effective game play.

The Footfire Drill - Receivers

In part two of the Foot Fire Drill, coach works his receivers. The key when you're receiver is pressured? "When you've got a press man you've got to foot fire." This portion of the drill teaches the use of foot fire to get around their opponent - so the team can get points on the board!

The Footfire Drill - Power Angles

Power angles - arm extension - "Everything starts with a good base." This drill teaches players why a good football stance is critical in transferring energy from the feet through the body so you can get the ball in the Back's hands. How's that for football anatomy?!

The Footfire Drill - Blocking

Once players understand the importance of each and every block, they begin to understand the power in footfire. This drill demonstrates that keeping your feet moving - but on the ground - means POWER. With this kind of power, you can run an opponent wherever you want him to go!