Slow Screen Blocking

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When your offense runs a screen play, your offensive linemen play a critical role in insuring the defense is first fooled and secondly defeated. This video covers techniques and drills that you can use with your offensive linemen to effectively block for slow screen plays.

Lineman Fundamentals

This drill series starts at the beginning and covers a balanced offensive line stance so the defensive lineman gets a few hints as possible about where the football is going. Your offensive linemen may end up feeling like basketball players, but they will have a stance that is balanced!

Slow Screen Technique

Three techniques your linemen will need to block for a slow screen are popping up, a kick step then throwing the defender. This part of the drill series teaches and reinforces those football skills that teach your offensive linemen to block for a screen without telegraphing the play to the defender. Watch this closely and take notes because there are lots of coaching points.

Half Line Screen Blocking Drill

Your offensive line should work together and this part of this football drill series has the offensive line working together as a unit against simulated defenders.