Golf: The Short game

Dave Jennings all by Dave Jennings

Head Mens Golf Coach Central Alabama Community College
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Coach Jennings covers different shots and how you implement those shots to improve your short golf game.

Golf: Short Game

Differences on pitching, chiping, and hitting flop shots. 30 yd shot onto a tight pin and then a 40 yd shot. Pitch shot and chip shot - difference. Pitch will appear to be longer because hands will hinge.

Short game

You're to far for a chip shot, but you're still close. Using your wrist will help you get the ball where you need it to be.

Short game

A pin's only going to get the way in of a good shot. Impt makeup of flag stick - fiber glass v tin. When taking flag stick out need to think about make up of stick. Chip shot sould be made...................Less loft in chip shot the better. HS player experiment