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Volleyball Defense 101: Rotation Defense Part One

The Rotation Defense in volleyball is geared to pick up tips. Beginning with the volleyball being set to the outside, Coach goes over the movement and court responsibility of each position. It's essential that players know their area of responsibility. Coach also discusses how this volleyball defensive strategy can be adjusted based on the skill level of your players.

Softball Hitting Skills: The Happy Gilmore Drill

Hitting Station Two: The Happy Gilmore Drill. In this drill, players are still working on moving the hips and body through the swing, but now they're using a bat and actually making the swing.

Hand Action Drill

Remember! Getting the hand action down is important to any defensive lineman and even though this drill will have your defensive linemen laughing because they feel like they are playing a girls game of "patty cake", the basic hand technique to win in the trenches is learned and reinforced.

Coaching Softball: Base Running and Coaching Third Base

"The shortest distance between two bases is a straight line." It's the coach's job to get softball players down that line and around the next base. In this softball coaching segment on Base Running, Head Coach Marla Townsend, discusses basic base running skills and techniques for coaching 3rd base. Good communication with base runners is one key to successfully coaching from the field.

Double, Left center field. Runner on first base

follow the animation for this baseball defensive situations and teach it to your team so you can be back on the offensive as quickly as possible!

The Basics: What Parents Need to Know About Middle School Football

Coaching football takes commitment. Playing football takes commitment. But, being the parent of a young athlete takes dedication to a new level. From practice schedules and medical exam requirements, to planning family vacations around game days - coaches and athletes aren't the only ones who have to demonstrate their dedication to the team.

Building a Successful Basketball Program: Off Season Commitment and Exposure

You can bet that the competition is working during the Off season. Is your basketball team doing the same? They'd better be if you want a successful program. Part of the commitment, both during and off season is selling your program or "exposure." Here are some ways to get the community excited and involved.

Softball Hitting Skills: Barrier Drill -The Tube

This softball barrier drill uses the tube to help hitters keep their swing compact. Using proper hitting stance and mechanics, hitters learn to control their swing for maximum strength.

Softball Skills: Defense

Half the game of softball is defense, so here is a discussion on defensive strategies (Softball Defensive Strategy).

Mug Drill - Neutralizing an Opponent's Speed

This football drill is best suited for teaching players how to use skill to beat speed on the field. Players learn how "to take the arms out" of the opponent's running motion so that the runner is contained. These are basic high school football practice drills with tremendous potential for controlling game play.

Three Point Stance

Coach Gann demonstrates the 3 point stance, from the getting into it all the way to firing off when the ball is snapped.

Coaching Youth Basketball Fundamentals: Shooting - Holding the Basketball

What? Holding the basketball? How hard can holding a basketball be? Maybe should have said holding the basketball CORRECTLY. Often young players just don't know how the correct way to hold the ball. Coach demonstrates how to hold the basketball correctly, then discusses finding the "shooter's pocket". For younger athletes, lowering the shooter's pocket will allow more leverage when shooting.

Volleyball Fundamentals: Posture

Knowing when to be in the right posture is critical to success in volleyball. In this segment, Coach discusses and demonstrates the basic postures of volleyball explaining how each is used for various aspects of the game, such as floor defense or setting. Coach then uses a simple drill to teach players how to move with the volleyball while maintaining the correct posture.

Offensive Strategy for the Cover Three Defense

The objective of the Cover Three Defense is first to stop the run and second to be patient and wait for the Offensive Team to "mess up". In the first of this football video series, Coach discusses the strengths of the Cover Three Defense to prepare these Quarterbacks for meeting the challenge.

Auburn Volleyball: What to Expect

Wade Benson, head volleyball coach at Auburn University covers the background of Auburn Volleyball and looks forward to the coming years.

Perimeter Defense - Set to Right Antenna

Guess what this video covers! You got it - perimeter defense with the ball set to the right antenna! No, not the rabbit-ear kind. (Sorry couldn't resist.) Coach covers the responsibilities of each defensive player as they move from base to read positions to defend their turf, uh, court.

Baseball Signs And Signals: Who's On First?

The Coach, that's who. Players depend on the Coach to know the game - inside and out. That's why a coach has to develop baseball signs and signals that feel comfortable - that allow players to respond without being distracted. Coach Polk offers up humor and reality in this introduction to baseball offensive signal systems.

Team Building: Handling Anxiety

When things get tough on the field it usually means things are moving fast. Sometimes too fast. To help players handle anxiety you have to help them slow down. Coach offers a great exercise for teaching teamwork and control that teaches athletes to recognize the power of slowing down and working together.

Evaluation and Tryout Process Organizational Meeting

All baseball coaches should hold an organizational meeting for prospective players and their parents before evaluations and tryouts begin. This meeting should provide interested players and their parents information regarding what will be expected of the aspiring player during the tryout process and what criteria will be used in player selection.

Six Point Explosion Drill

Football offensive line drills are about Power. It starts with the stance: Six Points. The offensive lineman is ready to explode on to the field. Hike! Shoot the hands. Watch knowledge, skill, and good coaching come together in an explosion of power. Then watch the defense crumble. But first, watch this football offensive line drills video.

Volleyball Defense 101: Rotation Defense Part Two

Now we get to the right side attack. Again Coach goes over the rotation of the players as they move from base to defense and their responsibilities. Whether your volleyball team is good or great will depend on how disciplined and how quickly players can transition from base to defense. This is further demonstrated as Coach discusses the middle attack and the use of the Rotation Defense.

Coach Joey Jones: Wide Receiver Drills

Coach Jones discusses receiver play and shows some of his favorite football drills (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS AND ROUTES).

Olympic Lifting: Pros and Cons

Olympic Lifting like anything else, has pros and cons. Your job as a strength coach is to study your situation and determine the best tools to meet your needs. This video gives you some things to study.

Volleyball Footwork

This volleyball drill works on the footwork your athletes need to do what needs to be done. Communication is also worked on, see if you can guess what happens off camera when the kids don't communicate!

Softball Philosophy

The ground rules of a team set the tone and you should have your own philosophy, here's the rules the Northwest Florida Softball team. There short, sweet and simple.

Coaching Football Offense: Runningback Drills

Here you'll find football drills for offensive runningbacks.

basic football skills and drills: Ball Handling and The Hand-off Drill

It's not enough to get your hands on the football; You have to know how to hang on to it. This basic football skills and drills session covers Ball Handling - how and where on the body to hold the football so that it is protected in running and tackling situations. Using the Hand-Off Drill basic Ball Handling Drills, athletes work on moving the ball from side-to-side keeping it away from the defense. You can find more running back skills here.

Coaching Soccer: Positions and Team Structure

What are the various positions on a soccer team? What does each position do? What type of athletic skills are needed for each soccer position? Those are just a few of the things Coach explains in this first video. Once a coach has identified the athletes whose skills are best suited for each position, it's time to look at systems. Coach gives us an overview of the system he uses in this segment.

Coaching Linebackers: More Than the Score

Coach Keith Boone loves the game of football. As a college player and now a college football coach, his passion for the game is evident. But, what is the true joy of coaching? Listen to Coach Boone explain his role as a "coach" in the lives of his young players and understand why a good coach is, first and foremost, a good person.

Softball Defensive Drills: Overview

Fundamental skills drills shouldn't be ignored and your team should "play catch" every single day.


A short introduction and overview of how Coach Burrow organizes the drills he uses to have each task build on the last one and prepare for the next one (linebacker drills).

The Spin Move Pass Rush Technique

In order for a spin move to be an effective tool for a defensive lineman, it must be performed flawlessly, quickly, aggressively and with great strength. In other words, you will have to practice the spin move with your defensive linemen until they have the technique down cold. While the spin move isn't going to be used as often as some of our other pass rush techniques, the defensive lineman who has practiced the spin move enough to effectively add it to his arsenal of techniques, will get more sacks and be a better defender.

Volleyball Footwork Drills: Feet to the Ball

In this footwork drill, volleyball players work on getting their feet to the ball so that they are in a better position to make a good attack. The Tosser sets the drill in motion and the Attacker uses three steps to get in position for a head shot - literally.

Wide Receiver Skills - Perfect Route Drills: Quick Game Routes

These Perfect Route Drills are a great tool for teaching athletes how to run routes. Always begin with a good stance and start to minimize false steps and get an explosive take off. Coach goes through the Hitch, the Quick Out, and the Slant Routes checking body position at each point. Running these routes correctly ensures no wasted movement and little time for the defensive back to react!

Football Practice Organization - The Basics

Football practice takes planning. Coach Wright begins with the basics, explaining how each practice is organized to ensure the coaches and players stay focused in order to make the most of practice time.

Football Skills: Defensive Line Hand Placement

This drill starts with the defensive linemen in a six point stance and progresses hand placement step by step. Starting with where the hands need to be, then the drill progresses where the defensive lineman explodes his hands into the offensive lineman using his hands and his hips. This video has a lot of "tidbits" that your defensive linemen need to know to insure they win the hand fighting battle in the trenches.

Coaching the Catcher: Where to Start (baseball catcher stance)

Coach Dunn gives an overview of how to coach catchers, beginning with identifying each athlete's "greatest need." Players learn that a skilled catcher "receives" the ball. Coaches learn how to guide this team player to a level of confidence that allows him to know his weaknesses and what to do improve them.

Troubleshooting Hitters - Overview.

In this short introduction to the troubleshooting hitting program, Coach Jack Byerley talks briefly about correcting common problems among hitters, starting with feet positioning and working through the head.

Kick Out Block Drill - Part One

This Kick Out Block Drill starts with the basics. Coaches Thorsen and Jeffcoat demonstrate proper footwork, head position, and hip movement in this defensive line drills. When correctly executed, the Kick Out Block will stop your opponent's progression and keep your defensive lineman moving!

Passing Fundamentals

One handed basketball passing and skip passing the basketball are fundamental skills every basketball player needs to know. Here are those fundamentals and some basketball drills to burn them into memory.

Baseball Umpiring: What Makes a Good Umpire?

What does it take to be a good umpire? Not surprisingly, it takes many of the same traits that it takes to be a good athlete. In this video segment, Umpire Joe Willis discusses the mental and physical aspects of umpiring.

What is the Tier System and how can it help your team?

The Tier System at Harris County has been developed over the years. In 4 years they have gone from 0 kids cleaning over 300 pounds to 14 able to clean over 300. To learn more about the Tier System, listen and take notes!

Staying In Control at the Plate: Know Your Strike Zone

Coach explains the dimensions of the strike zone. The importance of the defined strike zone, the umpire's strike zone, and the player's hitting zone are discussed in this softball skills video.

O Line: Film Review 3

Yet another set of football players going at it, then being reviewed by some great coaches to help them improve.

Throwing Program For Pitchers

A Baseball pitcher MUST throw, and a throwing program that helps him get better as the season progresses just makes sense. Coach Sprowl covers a simple, time tested pitching program that he uses at Shelton State

Volleyball Blocking Defense: Footwork Positions

Coach Beyer covers the footwork mechanics of three effective maneuvers utilized in successful ball blocking: The Push, Push Drive, and the Push Slant. Mastering the footwork positions covered in these Volleyball Drills will help a team greatly improve their blocking skills. Beginning in the coiled position and landing on a slant, a player using these blocking techniques correctly can quickly move to the appropriate position for a clean block without interfering with other players. Volleyball Drills.

Coaching Volleyball: Practice Organization

Coach begins this volleyball video series with a description of what the well dressed-volleyball player wears to practice. But, practice isn't all about the uniform. A well organized practice is essential to team success. Coach outlines his teams practic organization in this first segment.

Volleyball Passing Drills

In volleyball, passing is about body position and motion. These volleyball passing drills start with correct body posture for the pass so players learn to hit out instead of up. Players then progress to body motion: learning to step into and away from the ball. The goal - pass towards where the ball is coming from, not where you want it to be. In other words: Go with the Flow! But....Control the Flow.

Pass-Serve-Target Drill

This is a 3 or 4 player volleyball drill that lets the server work on the serve and the receiver works on receiving the volleyball.

The Serve

You can't always determine who your server is, but you can change things up to make sure your volleyball team has their best foot on the court.


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