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Baseball Signs And Signals: Who's On First?

The Coach, that's who. Players depend on the Coach to know the game - inside and out. That's why a coach has to develop baseball signs and signals that feel comfortable - that allow players to respond without being distracted. Coach Polk offers up humor and reality in this introduction to baseball offensive signal systems.

Double, Left center field. Runner on first base

follow the animation for this baseball defensive situations and teach it to your team so you can be back on the offensive as quickly as possible!

Softball Hitting Skills: The Happy Gilmore Drill

Hitting Station Two: The Happy Gilmore Drill. In this drill, players are still working on moving the hips and body through the swing, but now they're using a bat and actually making the swing.

Team Building: Handling Anxiety

When things get tough on the field it usually means things are moving fast. Sometimes too fast. To help players handle anxiety you have to help them slow down. Coach offers a great exercise for teaching teamwork and control that teaches athletes to recognize the power of slowing down and working together.

Softball Skills: Defense

Half the game of softball is defense, so here is a discussion on defensive strategies (Softball Defensive Strategy).

Hand Action Drill

Remember! Getting the hand action down is important to any defensive lineman and even though this drill will have your defensive linemen laughing because they feel like they are playing a girls game of "patty cake", the basic hand technique to win in the trenches is learned and reinforced.

Six Point Explosion Drill

Football offensive line drills are about Power. It starts with the stance: Six Points. The offensive lineman is ready to explode on to the field. Hike! Shoot the hands. Watch knowledge, skill, and good coaching come together in an explosion of power. Then watch the defense crumble. But first, watch this football offensive line drills video.

Evaluation and Tryout Process Organizational Meeting

All baseball coaches should hold an organizational meeting for prospective players and their parents before evaluations and tryouts begin. This meeting should provide interested players and their parents information regarding what will be expected of the aspiring player during the tryout process and what criteria will be used in player selection.

Volleyball Defense 101: Rotation Defense Part One

The Rotation Defense in volleyball is geared to pick up tips. Beginning with the volleyball being set to the outside, Coach goes over the movement and court responsibility of each position. It's essential that players know their area of responsibility. Coach also discusses how this volleyball defensive strategy can be adjusted based on the skill level of your players.

Strike Out Statistics

Strike outs are important and study of strike out statistics yields some interesting conclusions.

Yes, strikeouts raise your pitch counts, but if you don't get strikeouts, there is more pressure on your defense and the offense gets another chance to put runs on the board.

An initial look at the strike out stats for the teams in the College World Series shows that if you don't have a pitching staff that can get strikeouts, you are probably not going to advance very far. The same analysis applied to professional baseball and strike out ability isn't as important.

The take away is that at the lower levels of play, the strikeout is more important than it is at the upper levels of play.

Football Hammer Drill

The hammer drill is a defensive line drill that works on your defensive lineman's ability to use leverage and lean as he works his way around the offensive linemen on his way to the quarterback. Watch this defensive line drill video as Coach Cochran pits a defensive lineman against 2 teammates using dummies and helps his defensive linemen perfect their defensive skills.

Baseball Drills - Part 1

Using all of your field space, all of your coaches and not wasting time helps you get the most from each and every baseball practice.

Building A High School Tennis Team: The Coach's Role

The challenge for the High School Tennis Coach is to take this one-on-one sport and turn it into a Team sport. How? In this introduction to building a High School Tennis Program, Coach outlines the responsibilities and challenges of the Tennis Coach. Don't be discouraged! Coach also gives some practical ways to meet these challenges.

Volleyball: Basic Court Positions

Coach Aird covers the six basic court positions of volleyball. Starting from the setter at rotation one, Coach Aird goes through each position to give you the basic team set up on the court.

Basketball: The Importance of a Sound Coaching Philosophy

In this introduction to coaching basketball offense, the importance of developing a sound philosophy and sticking to it is discussed. Calling on the words of his mentor, Coach John Wooden, Coach Gottfried stresses that a coach should "teach what you know and know what you teach."

Soccer Skills: Octagon Drills - Preparation

The Octagon Drill is an "all purpose" soccer drill. Athletes can use this drill to work on a wide variety of skills: dribbling, passes, touches, even general fitness. The Octagon Drill can also be modified for players at any skill level. Here, Coach shows how the field is prepped for the Octagon (preferably before practice) and explains the versatility of this soccer drill.

Linebackers: Overview

Developing great linebackers takes hard work all year plus a PLAN to make the hard work pay off. This video covers linebackers and how you can develop and implement your plan.

Single centerfield - Runners on first and third.

Baseball defensive situations with runners on first and third.

Single right field hole, no runners or a runner on third

Single right field hole, no runners or a runner on third

The Elite Strikeout Artist

A pitchers ability to generate strikeouts can be developed, but you have to have a pitcher with potential and a sound development plan.

Coach Foxhall covers the 4 areas your pitcher needs to develop if he is going to join the elite strikeout artist club.

Baseball Skills: Bunting - The Benefits

Baseball is about strategy. Bunting is one of the ultimate strategies. This video gets to the "meat and potatoes of the sacrifice bunt." In this introduction to bunting, Coach discusses the positive impact bunting can give your baseball team, and touches on the definitive gains a baseball team will have when using effective bunting strategies. (Baseball Offense Bunting)

Coaching Softball: General Philosophy

Softball Coach Jay Miller of Mississippi State University discuses his offensive philosophy, and it is aggressive! This softball video is full of stuff athletes and coaches need to know to put runs on the scoreboard (Softball Offensive Strategy).

General Principals Of Baseball Infield Drills

Sometimes coaches do all the same baseball drills but some teams click and other baseball teams struggle through the drills. Often, it is the principals that guide the baseball drills that make the difference.

Volleyball Passing Drills and Skills: Underhand Passing

Passing Drills with Perry Perry Robinson, Head Volleyball Coach at the University of Montevallo, takes these athletes through the volleyball passing drills necessary to learn the skills for effective underhand passing. Proper passing technique with accompanying calls are demonstrated in this volleyball passing drills video.

Volleyball Fundamentals: Posture

Knowing when to be in the right posture is critical to success in volleyball. In this segment, Coach discusses and demonstrates the basic postures of volleyball explaining how each is used for various aspects of the game, such as floor defense or setting. Coach then uses a simple drill to teach players how to move with the volleyball while maintaining the correct posture.

The Power of the Coach: What Are the Pros and Cons of Travel Basketball?

Youth Basketball Coach Rick Swing discusses the good and bad of travel basketball in this video segment. From the benefits of healthy competition to the pitfalls of a win versus learn" attitude, Coach shares his perspectives of the travel team approach.

basic football skills and drills: Ball Handling and The Hand-off Drill

It's not enough to get your hands on the football; You have to know how to hang on to it. This basic football skills and drills session covers Ball Handling - how and where on the body to hold the football so that it is protected in running and tackling situations. Using the Hand-Off Drill basic Ball Handling Drills, athletes work on moving the ball from side-to-side keeping it away from the defense. You can find more running back skills here.

Baseball Signs And Signals: Indicators and Disguises

Wow! Look at those hands go! It looks so complicated! Ha! Most of those moves are meaningless. Coach explains which signals mean action - and how to use signals to "misdirect" the opposition.

Double right center field, runner on first

Double right center field, runner on first

Football: Pre-practice Drills

These football drills to help Quarterbacks get warmed up and improve their ball handling at the same time saving your valuable practice time for the important stuff (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

Team Defense

Coach Theokas discusses specific situations that need to be addressed to win games and the U Mass scouting philosophy (basketball team defensive concepts)

Basketball's Match-up Defense: Fundamentals

Coach Ciampi gives an overview of the Match-Up Defense Strategy in this first basketball video. The strengths of the Match-Up Defense? Pressure on the ball. Minimize second chance points. Take away the inside passing lanes. "Non-shooters" get a shot with the basketball. It's an aggressive defense that drives the action with a team centered approach to play.

Baseball Signs And Signals: Who to What to I Don't Know

Early in the count. No jump. No go. The steal is on. Don't leave your batter asking who, what, or feeling like he doesn't know the plan. Coach Polk goes through the options and related baseball signals that will keep the batter swinging...or not... depends on the signal.

Introduction: The Coach's Challenge

In this general overview of coaching, Coach Ron Polk talks openly about the challenges facing coaches today...from limited staff and time, to the NCAA. A video every coach needs to see.

Training Your Passers

A fast offense needs fast components and a fast pass is essential to speeding up your offense.

The Basics: What Parents Need to Know About Middle School Football

Coaching football takes commitment. Playing football takes commitment. But, being the parent of a young athlete takes dedication to a new level. From practice schedules and medical exam requirements, to planning family vacations around game days - coaches and athletes aren't the only ones who have to demonstrate their dedication to the team.

Pass Rushing

This drill starts by pitting your defensive linemen's pass rush against a set of pop up dummies where they learn to club and rip the offensive linemen. Next your defensive linemen pass rush the dummies again and work on their club arm over punch and getting to the quarterback. If the defensive lineman is ripping or clubbing with an arm over, he must always be aware of his hip position so he is ready to move toward the football with a vicious pass rush.

After defeating the pop-up dummies and perfecting their techniques, the defensive linemen work the same pass rushing drills one-vs-one against an actual offensive lineman. Watch this video not only to learn and understand the drills, but to sharpen your own ability to pick up the things that need to be brought to your defensive linemen's attention so you can develop a defensive front that is known for their awesome pass rushing.

Practice Organization

An organized practice takes using all your coaches and all of your field space and not wasting any time. Using preset fundamental drill series Coach Shoop works infielders, pitchers, outfielders and catchers at the same time.

The Baseball Playbook by Coach Ron Polk (with the bat at home plate) covers fundamental drill series in depth.

Softball Defensive Drills: Overview

Fundamental skills drills shouldn't be ignored and your team should "play catch" every single day.

Football Skills: Defensive Line Hand Placement

This drill starts with the defensive linemen in a six point stance and progresses hand placement step by step. Starting with where the hands need to be, then the drill progresses where the defensive lineman explodes his hands into the offensive lineman using his hands and his hips. This video has a lot of "tidbits" that your defensive linemen need to know to insure they win the hand fighting battle in the trenches.

Football Skills: Post Stem Route Running Basics

In this football skills video kids learn the basics of Post Stem Route Running. It's all in the details as athletes learn how to sink hips, plant the outside foot, and make the turn while running at full speed. This is a great video for young football players.

Coaching Linebackers: More Than the Score

Coach Keith Boone loves the game of football. As a college player and now a college football coach, his passion for the game is evident. But, what is the true joy of coaching? Listen to Coach Boone explain his role as a "coach" in the lives of his young players and understand why a good coach is, first and foremost, a good person.

Softball Skills: Fielding Ground Balls - Forehand & Backhand

You don't want your team on a viral video showing a slowly rolling softball making it between the legs of your star fielder because she didn't know how to field a ground ball! Whether she's fielding forehand or backhand, it's essential to keep the glove low to the ground and to pull the ball up into the body after making the catch.

Hopefully, you'll use the sound softball fielding techniques outlined in this video and the viral video of your softball team will be showing the exceptional ground ball fielding skills of your team, because they know how to field a ground ball!

Bunt Defense: Coaching Overview

Coach Polk speaks about his methods of coaching and making sure what is learned in practice is applied in game situations. (Baseball Bunt Defense)

Football: Defensive Strategy - Part Ten

What happens with the offense give you Twins. Doesn't matter in Under Orange. Coach shows how to do change up that still look like Under Orange to the offense but allow the defense to be successful. Other stunts are offered in this video.

Running Back Tips - Ball Security

Running back tips from two specific football plays during this video series. This first football video begins with ball security. Coach demonstrates the drills used to enforce ball security beginning with the "balance touch."

Football Defensive Philosophy

A good defensive position player needs to concentrate on the position, have good eyes on the field, staying on his feet, know how to "shock, block and shed".

The Dead Ball

When the offensive player stops his dribble the defender has to keep them from passing to a team mate and alert the other defenders that the dribble has been stopped.

Coaching Softball: Base Running and Coaching Third Base

"The shortest distance between two bases is a straight line." It's the coach's job to get softball players down that line and around the next base. In this softball coaching segment on Base Running, Head Coach Marla Townsend, discusses basic base running skills and techniques for coaching 3rd base. Good communication with base runners is one key to successfully coaching from the field.

Drills All Infielders Execute

This segment covers drills that every infielder should work on to improve their infield baseball play. Short hop drills, 3 & 5 step drill, Ozzie drill and infield fly ball drill are covered in this video.


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