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Basketball Offense:The BC

The BC is a basketball continuation play that starts on the flight of the ball. A screen in the middle of the zone, two passes, and the ball is in the paint! But, just in case you can't get inside, Coach goes over the flash options that will gives your players another chance to make the shot.

Coaching Football: The Center & Shotgun Snaps

The Center's first priority is to the Quarterback. Coach shows these Centers how to hold the football and position themselves for an effective, powerful snap that hits it's mark.

Football Skills: Post Stem Route Running Basics

In this football skills video kids learn the basics of Post Stem Route Running. It's all in the details as athletes learn how to sink hips, plant the outside foot, and make the turn while running at full speed. This is a great video for young football players.

wide receiver drills - Stance and Start

For your wide receivers, it is important to get off the line of scrimage correctly. In this wide receiver drills video you'll learn a lot that may prevent your wide receiver from getting a false start. Work your recevers on both sides of the field and remind them to drop their hips and shoulders when making a cut.

Southeastern Line Camp

If you're a high school coach and you want to develop offensive linemen, you need to look into the Southeastern Line Camp in Birmingham. Southeastern Line Camp is a working camp for high school linemen run by high school the video to find out more.

Golf: Tee Placement

The rules of golf allow a golfer to tee the ball up within two clubs lengths of each tee marker within a straight line. This allows for a little more flexibility in determining the best location to tee up. Ches Harris explains the rules on tee placement and offers advice on how to select tee placement based on individual golfing skills.

Baseball Signs And Signals: Who's On First?

The Coach, that's who. Players depend on the Coach to know the game - inside and out. That's why a coach has to develop baseball signs and signals that feel comfortable - that allow players to respond without being distracted. Coach Polk offers up humor and reality in this introduction to baseball offensive signal systems.

Single centerfield - Runners on first and third.

Baseball defensive situations with runners on first and third.

Team Building: Communication Part One

Beginning from day one with athletes the first goal is build a team. Everything else revolves around that. But where do you start? Coach Weisberg starts by defining the five most important aspects of success, beginning with Communication.

Softball Skills: Defense

Half the game of softball is defense, so here is a discussion on defensive strategies (Softball Defensive Strategy).

What is the Tier System and how can it help your team?

The Tier System at Harris County has been developed over the years. In 4 years they have gone from 0 kids cleaning over 300 pounds to 14 able to clean over 300. To learn more about the Tier System, listen and take notes!

Softball Hitting Skills: Lower-Body Strength

Hitting Station One focuses on driving the hips and body through the ball. Using a long stick grasped by the elbows behind the back, athletes move hips and body through the swing to maximize the power of the hit.

Pass Rushing

This drill starts by pitting your defensive linemen's pass rush against a set of pop up dummies where they learn to club and rip the offensive linemen. Next your defensive linemen pass rush the dummies again and work on their club arm over punch and getting to the quarterback. If the defensive lineman is ripping or clubbing with an arm over, he must always be aware of his hip position so he is ready to move toward the football with a vicious pass rush.

After defeating the pop-up dummies and perfecting their techniques, the defensive linemen work the same pass rushing drills one-vs-one against an actual offensive lineman. Watch this video not only to learn and understand the drills, but to sharpen your own ability to pick up the things that need to be brought to your defensive linemen's attention so you can develop a defensive front that is known for their awesome pass rushing.

Organizing Baseball Practice: Practice Warmup

Coach Barker provides an overview of how to run a productive baseball practice warm-up routine. With an emphasis on keeping your practice organized and moving at the appropriate pace, Coach presents simple and easy ways to get your team geared-up to go. Utilizing five separate workstations, these drills provide elements of strength, footwork, and athleticism to your workout. After completing the station workouts, players transition into throwing drills.

What is Good Deceleration

The idea of creating good deceleration sounds great, but unless you know what good deceleration looks like, you can't teach it to your pitcher and make it a regular part of his pitching arm care

BGO Drill progression

As we begin the ball get off drills, teach your defensive linemen to line up as close to the neutral zone as they possibly can. Getting as close to the neutral zone as they can helps neutralize the offensive lineman's first step, giving your defensive lineman an edge.

In this drill, when the ball moves, the defensive lineman penetrates into the offensive backfield, recognizes a toss sweep, then the defensive lineman redirects flat toward where the ball will be to make the tackle. The redirection is key in this drill, the lineman must learn to get his toe planted into the ground so he can quickly redirect down the line.

NOTE: This is a "Ball Get Off" drill, so your defensive lineman must look at the ball to know when to fire off so have fun trying to pull them off sides...he shouldn't move till the ball moves!

Everything isn't a toss sweep, so your defensive lineman must know the keys that scream "pass play"...the offensive lineman getting in a pass block posture is probably clue number 1. This portion of the drill works on recognizing a pass and knowing when the quarterback has decided to pass. Knowledge of these "pass cues" helps your defensive lineman know when to start trying to block the pass and finally when the pass is thrown your lineman practices his redirect toward the football to help make the play.

Defensive Line Strategies: Locking Out the Reach Block

"Fight pressure with pressure." That's the basis of this football defensive technique. Coach demonstrates how to "lock out" the Reach Block. Beginning from the Fit Position, Coach walks us through arm and hip position for successfully controlling the offensive lineman.

Drills for screen and draw blocking

Footwork, proper running angles, and speed are just a part of the focus in these football drills as Coach Richards teaches offensive linemen sound techniques for blocking draw plays and screens.

Your center and guard must be proficient doing a bear crawl because their assignment in this drill is to neutralize the defensive tackle.

Your offensive tackle must be quick to get to the linebacker using speed and agression to do his job.

Using the techniques in these drills, your offense will be able to effectively use screens and draws to move the ball down the football field.

Equalizer drill

Teaches a back how to keep up with a faster receiver (defensive back drills).

Volleyball Defense 101: Rotation Defense Part One

The Rotation Defense in volleyball is geared to pick up tips. Beginning with the volleyball being set to the outside, Coach goes over the movement and court responsibility of each position. It's essential that players know their area of responsibility. Coach also discusses how this volleyball defensive strategy can be adjusted based on the skill level of your players.

Evaluation and Tryout Process Organizational Meeting

All baseball coaches should hold an organizational meeting for prospective players and their parents before evaluations and tryouts begin. This meeting should provide interested players and their parents information regarding what will be expected of the aspiring player during the tryout process and what criteria will be used in player selection.

Volleyball: Fast Tempo Offense

A fast tempo offense is a great system that lets you play into your strengths and your opponents weaknesses.

Quality vs Quantity

Quality and quantity are important and the balance between the two is a fine line that you as a coach must walk to point your baseball players in the right direction.

Hoop Drill Football

In this pass rushing drill your defensive linemen work on keeping their hips down and feet moving quickly as they work around the offensive lineman on their way to the quarterback.

Because the quarterback isn't going to stand still in the backfield, your defensive lineman must be able to quickly change direction and this set of hoop drills also works on changing direction with a figure 8 pattern.

Volleyball Fundamentals: Posture

Knowing when to be in the right posture is critical to success in volleyball. In this segment, Coach discusses and demonstrates the basic postures of volleyball explaining how each is used for various aspects of the game, such as floor defense or setting. Coach then uses a simple drill to teach players how to move with the volleyball while maintaining the correct posture.

Football Skills and Drills: The Safety - Backpeddle and Break

These football drills put the free safety to work. Coach John Pledger works with these young athletes on the Backpdeal and Break. The Reaction Drill helps players learn how to increase Backpdeal speed while reading the action to make the break. Breaking at an angle, straight back, or turn and go are all covered in this football drill.

Dip and Lean in A Tight Circle

This pass rush drill is explained and demonstrated to the defensive linemen (and you), then the defensive linemen pair up and start this pass rush drill...dipping and leaning to get past the offensive lineman. As always, hips are important and the technique needs to be perfected before the drill moves to the next part of the progression.

Wide Receiver Skills - Perfect Route Drills: Quick Game Routes

These Perfect Route Drills are a great tool for teaching athletes how to run routes. Always begin with a good stance and start to minimize false steps and get an explosive take off. Coach goes through the Hitch, the Quick Out, and the Slant Routes checking body position at each point. Running these routes correctly ensures no wasted movement and little time for the defensive back to react!

Over the Shoulder

A success-oriented drill to just get warmed up and start looking the ball into your hands.

Football Receiver Skills: The Hitch Route Drill and Toe Drill

Coach Matt Scott takes these athletes through two Receiver drills. First up: the Hitch Route Drill. Athletes learn to get the drive off the ball, create separation for the catch, and separation so there's room to run after catching the football. The Toe Drill is about making the catch on the edge. This football drill will help players gain body awareness as they learn how to catch the football while keeping a toe in-bounds.

The Stab Set and Bull Rush Drills

Athletes need to be able to know not just how, but when to shoot the hands. Good timing isn't everything in this power play, but it is essential to success. Coach Meadows takes athletes through the Stab Drill (and through the opposition) as he instructs on technique, timing, and power.

Day One - Outfielder Evaluation

Day one of tryout process should get off to a good start with a series of well-organized outfield drills. These drills help determine outfielder arm strength and throwing accuracy from precise distances for exact measurements. Players are measured from a variety of positions in the outfield and get multiple attempts from each for more accurate evaluations.

Single left field hole

No runners or a runner on third

Backpedal Drill

This video covers the defensive backs stance and the Backpedal Drill (defensive back drills).

Backpedal and Break

Adds on the backpedal drill, to get your man to the ball (defensive back drills).

Bad Turn Drill

Shows how to recover and regain coverage after your man makes a bad turn (defensive back drills).

Basketball Offense: The Power Play Continued

Continuing with Power 13, 14, and 15, Coach Marshall draws the X's and O'x for this basketball offensive strategy. Brush screens, head-hunting screens, even fake screens set the tone for these plays. It's a set-up for a lay-up.....and it works!

Football Hammer Drill

The hammer drill is a defensive line drill that works on your defensive lineman's ability to use leverage and lean as he works his way around the offensive linemen on his way to the quarterback. Watch this defensive line drill video as Coach Cochran pits a defensive lineman against 2 teammates using dummies and helps his defensive linemen perfect their defensive skills.

Initiating the Approach

How do you initiate the approach for maximum energy so that you land loaded to jump? With a forward press posture of course! I knew that! Well, I do now anyway, thanks to Coach Underwood. Watch as Coach takes us through the motions - feet, hips, shoulders, hands - correct posture is a must for setting up a successful hitting approach.

Passing Fundamentals

One handed basketball passing and skip passing the basketball are fundamental skills every basketball player needs to know. Here are those fundamentals and some basketball drills to burn them into memory.

Double Slot Speed Sweep Left

A sweep around the left side makes this just one of the many effective football plays in our free animated football playbook out of the double slot formation.

The Basics: What Parents Need to Know About Middle School Football

Coaching football takes commitment. Playing football takes commitment. But, being the parent of a young athlete takes dedication to a new level. From practice schedules and medical exam requirements, to planning family vacations around game days - coaches and athletes aren't the only ones who have to demonstrate their dedication to the team.


A short introduction and overview of how Coach Burrow organizes the drills he uses to have each task build on the last one and prepare for the next one (linebacker drills).

Softball Defensive Drills: Overview

Fundamental skills drills shouldn't be ignored and your team should "play catch" every single day.

Six Point Explosion Drill

Football offensive line drills are about Power. It starts with the stance: Six Points. The offensive lineman is ready to explode on to the field. Hike! Shoot the hands. Watch knowledge, skill, and good coaching come together in an explosion of power. Then watch the defense crumble. But first, watch this football offensive line drills video.

Specific Baseball Infield Drills By Position

In addition to general infield baseball drills, there are drills that are specific to an infield baseball players position. This video segment covers drills that are specific to third base, middle infield and the first baseman.

Softball Philosophy

The ground rules of a team set the tone and you should have your own philosophy, here's the rules the Northwest Florida Softball team. There short, sweet and simple.

Step and Punch Pass Block Video

In this football skills segment, offensive linemen work on picking up the blitz, twist, and other stunts. Starting with the proper stance and alignment for the vertical set, you'll insure your offensive linemen understand their pass block technique of stepping and punching.

Then, this offensive line drill puts a defensive rusher against the lineman who twists and turns to break thru. The offensive lineman treats this as a mirror drill and holds his block against the defender.

Softball Hitting: Basics of the Swing

Coach covers the fundamentals of hitting: balance, connection, and extension, then quickly moves into the details of the swing. The two parts of the swing are discussed and the key to a good swing, including a good grip. Included are techniques for teaching the grip.

The Spin Move Pass Rush Technique

In order for a spin move to be an effective tool for a defensive lineman, it must be performed flawlessly, quickly, aggressively and with great strength. In other words, you will have to practice the spin move with your defensive linemen until they have the technique down cold. While the spin move isn't going to be used as often as some of our other pass rush techniques, the defensive lineman who has practiced the spin move enough to effectively add it to his arsenal of techniques, will get more sacks and be a better defender.


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