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Volleyball Defense 101: Rotation Defense Part One

The Rotation Defense in volleyball is geared to pick up tips. Beginning with the volleyball being set to the outside, Coach goes over the movement and court responsibility of each position. It's essential that players know their area of responsibility. Coach also discusses how this volleyball defensive strategy can be adjusted based on the skill level of your players.

Mug Drill - Neutralizing an Opponent's Speed

This football drill is best suited for teaching players how to use skill to beat speed on the field. Players learn how "to take the arms out" of the opponent's running motion so that the runner is contained. These are basic high school football practice drills with tremendous potential for controlling game play.

Coaching Baseball: Developing and Evaluating Assistants - Part One

Coach begins this video series by discussing the most important aspect of choosing an assistance coach. First and foremost character is paramount. Work ethic is also extremely important in selecting an assistant baseball coach.

Coaching Soccer: Positions and Team Structure

What are the various positions on a soccer team? What does each position do? What type of athletic skills are needed for each soccer position? Those are just a few of the things Coach explains in this first video. Once a coach has identified the athletes whose skills are best suited for each position, it's time to look at systems. Coach gives us an overview of the system he uses in this segment.

Six Point Explosion Drill

Football offensive line drills are about Power. It starts with the stance: Six Points. The offensive lineman is ready to explode on to the field. Hike! Shoot the hands. Watch knowledge, skill, and good coaching come together in an explosion of power. Then watch the defense crumble. But first, watch this football offensive line drills video.

Developing Catchers: Begin with a Plan

It is critical that each practice include a plan and a purpose that is understood and followed by coaches and catchers. Coach McNickle discusses the practice plan he uses to develop his catchers and explains why it is critical to the success of the baseball team. Here's more baseball catcher drills.

Quality vs Quantity

Quality and quantity are important and the balance between the two is a fine line that you as a coach must walk to point your baseball players in the right direction.

Evaluation and Tryout Process Organizational Meeting

All baseball coaches should hold an organizational meeting for prospective players and their parents before evaluations and tryouts begin. This meeting should provide interested players and their parents information regarding what will be expected of the aspiring player during the tryout process and what criteria will be used in player selection.

Route Running: Slant and Bubble Routes

This football video focuses on route running. The outside receiver is running a 3 Step Slant Route. The inside receiver is running a Bubble Route. What's the strategy? Isolate the defender and give the Quarterback a choice of receivers.

Perimeter Defense - Middle Attack

All right, no more antenna puns. This video covers perimeter defense when the opponent's setter sets their middle hitter. This attack is a bit quicker than those to the left or right antenna. Defensive players will probably have to move off read position to dig the ball. We hope you'll dig this video. (Hey, back off, I said no more ANTENNA puns.)

Step and Punch Pass Block Video

In this football skills segment, offensive linemen work on picking up the blitz, twist, and other stunts. Starting with the proper stance and alignment for the vertical set, you'll insure your offensive linemen understand their pass block technique of stepping and punching.

Then, this offensive line drill puts a defensive rusher against the lineman who twists and turns to break thru. The offensive lineman treats this as a mirror drill and holds his block against the defender.

Perimeter Defense - Set to Right Antenna

Guess what this video covers! You got it - perimeter defense with the ball set to the right antenna! No, not the rabbit-ear kind. (Sorry couldn't resist.) Coach covers the responsibilities of each defensive player as they move from base to read positions to defend their turf, uh, court.

The Basics: What Parents Need to Know About Middle School Football

Coaching football takes commitment. Playing football takes commitment. But, being the parent of a young athlete takes dedication to a new level. From practice schedules and medical exam requirements, to planning family vacations around game days - coaches and athletes aren't the only ones who have to demonstrate their dedication to the team.

Auburn Volleyball: What to Expect

Wade Benson, head volleyball coach at Auburn University covers the background of Auburn Volleyball and looks forward to the coming years.

What is Good Deceleration

The idea of creating good deceleration sounds great, but unless you know what good deceleration looks like, you can't teach it to your pitcher and make it a regular part of his pitching arm care

Baseball Pitching Skills: Mental Toughness

How much time do coaches spend on the mental part of the game? Coach begins discussing the lack of training spent on the mental aspects of baseball. Maturity plays a large part in developing mental toughness. So, what is the coach's role? You'll find some good advice in this baseball segment.

Football Hammer Drill

The hammer drill is a defensive line drill that works on your defensive lineman's ability to use leverage and lean as he works his way around the offensive linemen on his way to the quarterback. Watch this defensive line drill video as Coach Cochran pits a defensive lineman against 2 teammates using dummies and helps his defensive linemen perfect their defensive skills.

Coaching Volleyball: Practice Organization

Coach begins this volleyball video series with a description of what the well dressed-volleyball player wears to practice. But, practice isn't all about the uniform. A well organized practice is essential to team success. Coach outlines his teams practic organization in this first segment.

Organizing Baseball Practice: Practice Warmup

Coach Barker provides an overview of how to run a productive baseball practice warm-up routine. With an emphasis on keeping your practice organized and moving at the appropriate pace, Coach presents simple and easy ways to get your team geared-up to go. Utilizing five separate workstations, these drills provide elements of strength, footwork, and athleticism to your workout. After completing the station workouts, players transition into throwing drills.

Baseball: Umpire Positions and Responsibilities - The Slot

Umpire Joe Willis kicks off this baseball video series by demonstrating the basic position and responsibilities of the plate umpire. Willis explains it all, from calling the start of the game to extending the strike zone for the 12 and under players.

Pass Rushing

This drill starts by pitting your defensive linemen's pass rush against a set of pop up dummies where they learn to club and rip the offensive linemen. Next your defensive linemen pass rush the dummies again and work on their club arm over punch and getting to the quarterback. If the defensive lineman is ripping or clubbing with an arm over, he must always be aware of his hip position so he is ready to move toward the football with a vicious pass rush.

After defeating the pop-up dummies and perfecting their techniques, the defensive linemen work the same pass rushing drills one-vs-one against an actual offensive lineman. Watch this video not only to learn and understand the drills, but to sharpen your own ability to pick up the things that need to be brought to your defensive linemen's attention so you can develop a defensive front that is known for their awesome pass rushing.

Receiver Drills: Catching the Football Under Pressure

Coach Joey Hamilton starts out this football practice session reinforcing proper catching techniques. Then the drills begin! Players learn how to receive the football under game-like conditions. In traffic, after the break, to the side - whatever the distraction - this drill helps players make the catch and avoid the tackle!

Specific Baseball Infield Drills By Position

In addition to general infield baseball drills, there are drills that are specific to an infield baseball players position. This video segment covers drills that are specific to third base, middle infield and the first baseman.

Basketball Warm-Up Drills

Two lines, a pass, a cut to the basket and a lay-up. A great way to get your athletes thinking about the game (Basketball Drills).

Soccer Drill: Passing The Ball on The Ground

This soccer tip starts with the basics and shows you the techniques that will help get a great soccer pass.

Soccer Skills: Header Basics

This heading progression starts with the basics and point of contact: use your forehead, have your eyes open, and have your mouth closed. Coach takes this player through a soccer drill progression that focuses on beginning skills for headers. The difference in the focus for defenders and offenders is discussed for incorporation into practice organization also.

Soccer: Goalkeeping Skills - The Scoop

Coach explains and demonstrates the skill of scooping the ball to prevent the goal. Beginning with a simple scoop action and incorporating sliding, shuffling, and body positioning, Coach covers her bases, goal in this soccer video.

Basketball Shooting Drill

Typically used in pre-game warm up for almost every game, this basketball drill adds a bit of competition to your warm-up series (Basketball Drill).

Volleyball Blocking Defense: Footwork Positions

Coach Beyer covers the footwork mechanics of three effective maneuvers utilized in successful ball blocking: The Push, Push Drive, and the Push Slant. Mastering the footwork positions covered in these Volleyball Drills will help a team greatly improve their blocking skills. Beginning in the coiled position and landing on a slant, a player using these blocking techniques correctly can quickly move to the appropriate position for a clean block without interfering with other players. Volleyball Drills.

Warm Up Drills Part I

Coach Russ McNickle of Mississippi State University demonstrates the ÒRussian TwistÓ and sit up warm-ups for catching maintenance in baseball with the medicine ball (catching).

Clip 1

Coach Gordie Gillespie uses his knowledge and passion of baseball to offer this effective approach to coaching Pitching Mechanics. Beginning with the fundamentals, Coach discusses the "teachable" skills involved in pitching, and the essential secondary skills that develop as a result. This baseball video series is packed with information and practical techniques that are great for coaches and pitchers at any level of play. The approach is simple, practical, doesn't cost a lot of money, and best of works! This teaching progression on pitching gives you mechanics, drills, and the "home-made" tools to help you get your pitchers to the top of their game.

Team Building: Communication Part One

Beginning from day one with athletes the first goal is build a team. Everything else revolves around that. But where do you start? Coach Weisberg starts by defining the five most important aspects of success, beginning with Communication.

Basketball Skills: Post Moves

Coach Sellers begins coaching on post play in the secondary break transition offense in this segment. A straight run down the middle of the lane to post position is the key to getting a shot at the ball. (Basketball Individual Offense)

Football Skills: Defensive Line Hand Placement

This drill starts with the defensive linemen in a six point stance and progresses hand placement step by step. Starting with where the hands need to be, then the drill progresses where the defensive lineman explodes his hands into the offensive lineman using his hands and his hips. This video has a lot of "tidbits" that your defensive linemen need to know to insure they win the hand fighting battle in the trenches.

Softball Hitting Skills: Lower-Body Strength

Hitting Station One focuses on driving the hips and body through the ball. Using a long stick grasped by the elbows behind the back, athletes move hips and body through the swing to maximize the power of the hit.

Single centerfield - Runners on first and third.

Baseball defensive situations with runners on first and third.

basic football skills and drills: Ball Handling and The Hand-off Drill

It's not enough to get your hands on the football; You have to know how to hang on to it. This basic football skills and drills session covers Ball Handling - how and where on the body to hold the football so that it is protected in running and tackling situations. Using the Hand-Off Drill basic Ball Handling Drills, athletes work on moving the ball from side-to-side keeping it away from the defense. You can find more running back skills here.

Coaching Softball: Base Running and Coaching Third Base

"The shortest distance between two bases is a straight line." It's the coach's job to get softball players down that line and around the next base. In this softball coaching segment on Base Running, Head Coach Marla Townsend, discusses basic base running skills and techniques for coaching 3rd base. Good communication with base runners is one key to successfully coaching from the field.

Coach Len Elkins - Football Defensive Coordinator

Coach Len Elkins, Defensive coordinator of Clay-Chalkville High School introduces himself in this first football video segment. (Coaching Defensive Ends).

Basic Softball Pitching Terminology - Part 1

Coach Hogan covers BASIC TERMINOLOGY needed to be an effective softball pitcher (softball pitching).

Coaching Football Offense: The "Wing T Offense"

The "Wing T" is a fundamental offense that can be used with players at any level - from the youth leagues to high school and college. In this introduction, Coach Riddle explains the basics beginning with the base wing t football formation. From this base-alignment, learn how to adjust positioning in response to your opponent's strategy or based on your players' skill level. (WING-T OFFENSE).

Double, Left center field. Runner on first base

follow the animation for this baseball defensive situations and teach it to your team so you can be back on the offensive as quickly as possible!

Dry Swings

The dry swing is a great learning tool, and here's a video that shows you techniques to evaluate dry swings with your baseball players.

Hitting Wrap Session

Coach Page is one of many outstanding baseball coaches speaking at the Alabama Baseball Coaches Association winter clinic. For more information about The AlaBCA click here.

Dip and Lean in A Tight Circle

This pass rush drill is explained and demonstrated to the defensive linemen (and you), then the defensive linemen pair up and start this pass rush drill...dipping and leaning to get past the offensive lineman. As always, hips are important and the technique needs to be perfected before the drill moves to the next part of the progression.

Youth Soccer Drills: Practice Warm-Up

With youth soccer players especially, keeping all aspects of the game fun, even practice warm-up, is essential. Here, Soccer Coach Scott Spencer turns warm-up into a fun exercise requiring a quick mind and quick feet.

Basketball Offensive Skills - L Cut to Get Open

Coach Robert Moore leads thes players through a drill that works on the L Cut to get open. It's L Cut, square, bounce, and shot. Coach demonstrates ball handling and getting to the right angle to bank the shot. Separation from the defender is essential to the shot and Coach shows these young basketball players just how to do that in this fast paced drill.

Center Quarterback Exchange

Pressure. Push. Pull. This video starts with the stance and then covers the fundamentals of the exchange between the quarterback and center.

Softball Hitting Skills: The Happy Gilmore Drill

Hitting Station Two: The Happy Gilmore Drill. In this drill, players are still working on moving the hips and body through the swing, but now they're using a bat and actually making the swing.

Softball Throwing Skills: The Importance of Proper Throwing Technique

Coach Martin begins this softball clinic by discussing the importance of throwing. Too often in softball, there's not enough focus on the mechanics of throwing and receiving. As a result, many players don't develop proper techniques or arm strength that can really make for a successful team. Coach explains why effective throwing is essential in this softball throwing drills introductory video.


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