Softball Defensive Drills

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This is a series of defensive warm-up drills that help develop and enforce fundamental skills, build competitiveness and sharpen your athletes' skills. This drill is great for softball and baseball!

Softball Defensive Drills: Overview

Fundamental skills drills shouldn't be ignored and your team should "play catch" every single day.

Softball Defensive Drills: Circle Drill

The circle drill is a fun softball drill and your kids have 2 things to remember: who's throwing to them and who they throw it to.

Softball Defensive Drills: Four Corner Drill

Another great softball defensive drill to start practice with and it's one of the only softball defensive drills that lest your softball players catch, throw, run bases and tag a runner.

Softball Defensive Drills: Tent Drill and Synchronized Throws

Quickness is important, but accuracy makes these softball defensive drillsl tough and is a great way to build a competitive spirit with your team.

Softball Drills: Relay Drill

Here's a drill to work on relay skills for your softball players.

Short Hop Drills

Practice fielding short hops on a regular basis. Work from the middle of the body to backhand to the forehand.

Infield Crossfire

Fielders are positioned in the field and you've got two hitters in this drill which results in a lot of options and rotations to cover many possible situations.

Infield Crossfire - Part 2

The Infield Crossfire drill has many rotations, and this segment covers more rotations on the same drill.