Softball Hitting Drills and Skills | Mechanics and Drills to Score Runs

Annie Smith all by Annie Smith

Associate Head Softball Coach Mississippi State Universtiy
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Coach Annie Smith, Associate Head Softball Coach at Mississippi State University, present this softball clinic series on hitting. Coach provides multiple drills for various aspects of the swing. Additionally, she provides resources for equipment that can be used to perform these drills and offers less expensive solutions that yield the same results. Great softball series for the High School or Youth League Coach.

Softball Hitting: Basics of the Swing

Coach covers the fundamentals of hitting: balance, connection, and extension, then quickly moves into the details of the swing. The two parts of the swing are discussed and the key to a good swing, including a good grip. Included are techniques for teaching the grip.

Softball Hitting: Balance Drills

The softball hitting drills in segment Coach discusses & demonstrates balance drills. Softball hitting drills include: Punch the Pitcher, Balance Beam Drill, the Walk-Up Drill, and the Bounce Toss Drill. The various drills assist players in help players learn to drive the force through the swing, gain power in the swing, and improve extension.

Softball Hitting: One Arm Drills

One Arm softball hitting drills teach the appropriate hand path in the swing and stresses the importance of staying inside the ball. Coach also explains the importance of checking with players to be sure they are understanding coaching directions during softball hitting drills.

Softball Hitting: Drills

The In/Out Tee, the Vest/Towel Drill, the Skipping Rocks Drill, the Tee the Length of the Cage, Target Drills, and Double Tee softball hitting drills are included in this segment. Coach goes through each drill and demonstrates the effectiveness of each. These softball hitting drills cover various aspects of the swing and target different skills.

Softball Hitting: Drills

The Hit from Home Plate Drill teaches players to be patient and wait for the softball. The Weighted Ball Drill is great when a player needs to work on extension. It's a great strength drill. So much of having a great swing is eye-hand coordination. This segment includes Vision Drills to assist players keep their eye on the softball.

Softball Hitting: Adjusting to Pitches - One

Coach discusses softball hitting drills to assist players in adjusting to different pitches. The Drop Ball Drill and the Rise Ball Drill are explained and demonstration this segment.

Softball Hitting: Adjusting to Pitches - Two

Coach concludes this softball hitting drills clinic presentation with two more softball hitting drills to assist players in adjusting to different pitches. The Outside Pitch Drill and the Inside Pitch Drill can be used to improve players hitting skills.