Softball Hitting Skills: Station Drills

Brad Irwin all by Brad Irwin

Assistant Softball Coach University of Tennessee at Chatanooga
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This softball camp hitting series takes us through six stations. Each station uses a different drill to teach young softball players proper hitting techniques and body movement to maximize the power of the hit. Each station uses a either a tee or a toss and can easily be utilized by coaches at any level. Here are some great softball hitting drills to complement this video.

Softball Hitting Skills: Lower-Body Strength

Hitting Station One focuses on driving the hips and body through the ball. Using a long stick grasped by the elbows behind the back, athletes move hips and body through the swing to maximize the power of the hit.

Softball Hitting Skills: The Happy Gilmore Drill

Hitting Station Two: The Happy Gilmore Drill. In this drill, players are still working on moving the hips and body through the swing, but now they're using a bat and actually making the swing.

Softball Hitting Skills: The High Tee Drill

Hitting Station Three: The High Tee Drill. This softball drill uses a chest high tee to teach hitters to keep their hands and the bat head on top of the softball.

Softball Hitting Skills: The Front Toss Drill

Hitting Station Four: The Front Toss Drill. This drill continues to work on hand and elbow position beginning with the first move of the swing.

Softball Hitting Skills: The Bounce and Toss Drill

Hitting Station Five: The Bounce and Toss Drill. At this station, players continue to work on arm and bat position and follow through.

Softball Hitting Skills: The Barrier Drill

Hitting Station Six: The Barrier Drill. This Barrier Drill is used to teach players how to properly swing without casting the bat backward.