Coaching Softball: Offensive Strategy

Jay Miller all by Jay Miller

Head Softball Coach Mississippi State University
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There's nothing soft about softball. Offense is how runs come across the plate and Softball Coach Jay Miller starts with general softball philosophy then moves to baserunning, bunts, slugs, suicides and even trick plays!

Softball Skills: Baserunning Part One

Running through first base so you are ready to head to second, or anywhere else if the opportunity presents itself. Plus leads and returning to the base if necessary. (Softball Offensive Strategy).

Softball Strategy: Steals and Bunts

Stealing and bunting should be an integral part of your softball offensive strategy and here are some ideas and thoughts to make it effective (Softball Offensive Strategy).

Coaching Softball: General Philosophy

Softball Coach Jay Miller of Mississippi State University discuses his offensive philosophy, and it is aggressive! This softball video is full of stuff athletes and coaches need to know to put runs on the scoreboard (Softball Offensive Strategy).

Softball Skills: Baserunning Part Two

Stealing and tag ups are covered in this softball strategy segment. (Softball Offensive Strategy).

Softball Skills: Baserunning Part Three

More on leads and how to use them, when to leave the base and more things to tuck into your game plan. (Softball Offensive Strategy).

Softball Strategy: Tag-Ups

When should a runner tag-up? What to do after a tag up? What is the job of the athlete and the coach? (Softball Offensive Strategy).

Softball Strategy: Squeezes and Then Some

The runner gets to third. She needs to score. Coach Miller discusses how to improve your chances of getting the runner across the plate (Softball Offensive Strategy).