Body Weight Training

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Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Kennesaw Mountain High School
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Body weight training is a great way to teach form and technique to your athletes and while it's not a replacement for free weights in the weight room, it's a great way to complement them. BWT also is great for the middle school athletes who aren't ready for the weight room.

More Movement

Jumping and moving help cap off a body weight training workout.

Functional Training Exercises

Body weight training helps teach athletes the importance of form and technique.

More Exercises

Push-ups, sit-ups and crunches with a few twists that you can use to build strong athletes.

Exercise Demos

Having several exercises in your exercise list is important as you workout in order to keep your athletes from getting bored while they're developing their muscles for any athletic activity.

Body Weight Training Intro

Body weight training is the "extra piece" that should be combined with your normal weight training program. This segment covers the basics of what body weight training is and where it came from (you should watch this cause it really interesting).