Strength Training: High School Program Design Simplified

Zachary Reed all by Zachary Reed

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Zach Reed covers the design of a strength program that you can use to develop strong athletes that peak DURING the season.

Strength Program Overview

Implementing a weight training program has numerous factors for a coach to consider, here's what Coach Reed has to work with as he designs his weight training program.

Program Design Factors

You as a coach must determine the top factors in your weight program before you can begin to design an effective system for building strong athletes.

The Weight Workout

The structure of your weight workout is important for consistency and getting the most out of your workouts and to insure your team is at peak strength during the season.

Tuesday thru Thursday

If your kids are in the weight room 5 days per week, you need to insure balanced program design to keep them improving their strength.


Friday is a great day for motivation and friday is a day you should consider using to break records and do the fun lifts.