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Tips and drills for feeding the ball are covered in this tennis series at the University of Alabama Tennis Clinic.

Coaching Tennis: Feeding - Part One

Coach starts this tennis video series with an overview of Feeding fundamentals and ends with the windshield wiper drill. The priority is safety, so positioning of players during the tennis drill is discussed. The grip used when feeding is important, so grip and swing are part of the skills discussed in this video. The windshield wiper drill is then demonstrated. This is a great tennis drill for the beginning of practice to get players moving.

Coaching Tennis: Feeding - Part Two

When you're coaching a lot of players, feeding skills are even more important. If you're a coach who finds feeding a challenge, then check out this video. Tossing the tennis ball can be as effective as hitting when it comes to feeding. In this video segment, Coach also demonstrates tennis drills directed toward fitness and recovery using the toss when feeding.

Coaching Tennis: Feeding - Part Three

This final tennis drill is great when coaching lots of kids with limited coaching assistance. Not only does this drill teach tennis players control, it helps players learn placement and cooperation. Great for building a tennis team.