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Building An Offensive Package II


This proven offensive system is skill based and very flexible. You'll learn to pick effective formations then tie your offense to wrist bands.

Shoulder Stabilization Drills


Coach Yeager of The Southeastern Line Camp covers shoulder stabilization drills and exercises to help build effective football linemen.

Offensive Line: Reviewing Film


Reviewing film is a great way to teach your football team, and getting to see and discuss the good and the bad of your offensive line helps build your football

Building An Offensive Package


This is a multi part series covering how one of the most successful football programs in Alabama develops their offensive plan based on the skills and desires o

Zone Blocking: The Track


Zone blocking is a powerful blocking scheme for your offensive linemen and this video covers techniques your offensive linemen can use to handle a track situati

Southeastern Line Camp


If you're a high school coach and you want to develop offensive linemen, you need to look into the Southeastern Line Camp in Birmingham.